Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pay or Play

Apparently we're supposed to care very deeply about the trauma that Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros and other experienced over there at the elderly frat-boy manor of Fixed Noise. Nah, that's okay. I prefer to have zero fucks to give (ZFG) about that.

Look, far be it from me to side with Herr Von Clownstick on any particular issue, nor do I like the idea of women being subjugated by flabby old-boy douchebags. But so far there is no indication that Carlson or Tantaros or anyone else couldn't have just said fuck you, I quit and moved on. Is it hard to find a new job? Sure. But life is a series of choices, and these ladies made theirs, until they decided to make different choices. They chose to work for a propaganda outlet, serving as cheesecake smartasses, serving up calumny on better humans in the form of crummy jokes. They assumed that letting the bosses flirt and play grab-ass with them would further their careers (which, again, consisted merely of being the smug butterface with the lie-joke).

It's tough to deny that the way they were treated on-air was pitiful, awful, unacceptable. You can imagine what it was like behind the scenes, especially with the lurid tales of (for example) junior employees caught sucking off senior managers. But again, many of them chose not to leave. They decided it was worth it to put up with the bullshit. That too is a decision.

But did they truly believe that what they were doing counted as journalism? I think a major part of why journalists are held in roughly the same esteem as politicians or lawyers is because of the level of cynicism so many of them seem to bring to their jobs. They will tell you with straight faces that they want to be "journalists," but they seem to not know the meaning of that word. A more accurate rendering of their goals would be to become an anchor, or a media personality. They don't appear to understand that being a journalist is a different thing from being a celebrity.

So I kinda want Carlson and Tantaros and whoever else is out there to sue and win against Fixed Noise, simply because Fixed Noise sucks and Rupert Murdoch's kids deserve to learn an expensive lesson from their doddering old man and his perv cronies

But more practically, fuck everyone in this mess. They're all a bunch of toxic assholes who would be better utilized selling tanzanite earrings on the Home Shopping Network. And if they have to give someone a weekly blowjob to get that coveted gig, then maybe they should go deliver pizzas, or go back to college and get something besides a communications degree.

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