Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Deplorables

Drew Magary is one of the best and funniest writers on these here internets, and he rocks it out of the park here for GQ in a dead-serious post. It's pretty much what many of us in the anonymous crannies of the blogosphere have been saying, but it's wonderful to see in a more mainstream publication, and it's all worthy of excerpting:
And so I’d just like to say to that portion of the electorate: Fuck you. No, seriously. Go fuck yourselves. I’m not gonna waste any more time trying to convince you that you’re about to do something you’ll regret forever. I’m not gonna show you old clips of Trump saying rotten things. I’m not gonna try to ANNIHILATE Trump by showing you records of his hypocrisy and greed. I’m not gonna link to a John Oliver clip and be like, “THIS. So much this.” Nothing’s gonna take down Trump at this point, so I’m not gonna bother. No no, this post is for ME. I am preaching to the sad little choir in my soul here.

Because while Trump is a miserable bastard, YOU are the people who have handed him the bullhorn. YOU are the people willing to embarrass this nation and put it on the brink of economic ruin all because you wanna throw an electoral hissy fit. YOU are the people who want to revolutionize the way America does business by voting for its worst businessman, a disgusting neon pig who only makes money when he causes problems for other people instead of solving them. YOU are the thin-skinned yokels who clutch your bandoliers whenever someone hurls the mildest of slurs at you (“deplorables”), while cheering Trump on as he leaves a bonfire of truly hateful invective everywhere he goes. YOU are the people willing to overlook the fact that Trump is an unqualified, ignorant sociopath because DURRRR HILLARY IS BAD TOO DURRRR.
Fuckin' A. Drumpf's followers are such pathetic fucking crybabies, he oughta hold the scampaign rallies at nursery schools and day care centers. Hillary was far too kind when she, in her inimitable purple phrasing, cast only half of the Drumpftards as the now-infamous "basket of deplorables."

At this point, there is no percentage in sugar-coating the obvious -- they are all deplorable. Every last one of them. Their dumb, bloviating cocksucker of a candidate has spent the last sixteen months spreading LIES and talking shit about everybody and everything, and when someone finally slaps back a little, they cry like goats being slaughtered. ZOMG, Crooked Hitlery called us a name! LOCK HER UP!, they whinged without the slightest sense of irony or self-awareness.

Drumpf and his shitbird children LIE freely and frequently, retweeting memes literally from white supremacists and Stormfront types. Does that mean that everyone who supports Drumpf is a racist or white supremacist? Not necessarily.

But at this point they can't not know that those animals do support Drumpf, quite loudly and in significant numbers. If you're aligned with him, you are now aligned with them. You are aligned with his continuing LIES about his birtherism, a "movement" he instigated and rode directly into contention for the White House. Not Hillary. Drumpf. His own timeline that he gave last Friday doesn't even jibe with his own Twitter account. That's how little he respects the morons who support him -- and make no mistake, there are some dumb fucking people in that group. I'm surprised these dipshits can even dress themselves, and are allowed out of the house with money. And their "reasons" get stupider and stupider with each iteration.

His "foundation" is a scam and a fraud, just like everything else about him, and his scummy life, and his vile family. These are disgusting people. The supporters are aligned with them and their shameless scams. Is Hillary a flawed candidate? You bet. But there is no comparison as to the level, scale, and degree of the "flaws" between the candidates. One has a knack for dumb, unforced errors, and a disregard for basic tenets of truth and transparency. The other is a fucking criminal who has literally thousands of lawsuits against him right now, and has LIED about everything and anything.

And he's a shit businessman who's not worth anywhere near what he says, which is obviously why he won't release his tax returns. Sorta undermines the 'tards basic argument that he'd "fix the economy." Sure he would -- instead of the gains going to Wall Street, they'd just go to him and his friends instead. You'd still be shit-broke and stupid, rube.

These goobers keep whining about how "frustrated" they are, and how "unfair" it all is, and how it all needs to be "shaken up," and how Drumpf is just the man to do it. Well, let me tell you something, rube:  we're frustrated with you, because you refuse to read a book or even a newspaper, because you poison your mind with nonsense, because instead of unfucking your so-called lives, you just steep your pea-brains in internet LIES and get worse and worse. You're everything that's wrong with this country, you ignorant goons, and you don't have the fucking balls to own up to it.

You're not shaking anything up, you're simply employing the time-tested ethos of the looter, using a street protest as cover to break some windows and steal shit. You're everything you claim to despise. You're a drunk on a barstool, itching to finally elect someone just like yourself -- a proudly ignorant, bloviating idiot. To support Drumpf after all this is to be nothing more than a child stamping his wittle feet in the supermarket, throwing a temper tantrum because Mommy won't buy the sugar-bomb cereal. So your solution is to burn the supermarket down with everyone in it.

Hillary was too nice about it; unconstrained by the "gravitas" and "decorum" the way your nutjob asshole is, she could say what I'm saying, what Magary is saying, what more and more people are saying:  Fuck Drumpf, and fuck you.

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