Monday, October 03, 2016

Taking a Yuuuge Drumpf

If anyone out there still needed more specifics on whether Donald John "Fuckface Von Clownstick" Drumpf is a lying, conniving, thieving, weaselly, cocksucker piece-of-shit scumbag, here you go.

What a fucking turd of a quasi-human being. He's a fucking animal, and needs to be driven into the dirt, needs to have his empire crumble, needs to be made poor. And then have a crippling stroke, and live for another twenty years, physically healthy (if fat) but just mentally incapacitated enough to remember how it used to be.

It is impossible to see at this point how any reasonable person could support this man for dog-catcher, much less leader of the free world. Even his own supporters are just smart enough to not buy a used car from him, because deep down inside, they can't not know that this guy's entire "business" history is just a show, with the reality of him fucking over everyone and everything within reach.

Yet they're dumb enough to vote for him, despite all evidence.

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