Friday, January 25, 2013

Common Taters

Shut up, you talk too much.

Seriously, leave a freakin' comment once in a while, would it kill ya? "How's it hangin', Heywood?" "Oh, ya know, long and hairy and hard to carry," that sort of thing. Or talk to each other, like I hear they do at other places.

Maybe I should just focus on saying deliberately controversial, obtuse, Fixed Noise type opinions, just to piss people off. "Lance Armstrong is just misunderstood!" or "Soledad O'Brien is stealing my soul through the teevee!". Things like that. Then people might start confusing me with Tracy Morgan. That's when shit starts getting interesting.

Or hey, have you downloaded and read my totally free book, Mockalypse? Did you like it, did you hate it, did you print it out just so you could wipe your ass with it? Is it the 51st shade of grey? I've received some interesting comments so far, but you can't have too many.


Strix Cratylus said...

Man, so needy!

Here, this finally got released. That should make you feel better.

John O said...

I read you all the time, and enjoy it a lot, and even link to you from time to time.

You're welcome.

Heywood J. said...

Thanks, gents, I'm not on a ledge or anything, just riffing a bit. And it's not even a traffic thing; traffic is actually up and consistent over the past year.

Just seeing the interaction in other comments areas, not with the moderators but with one another, is something that would be very cool to see here.

But maybe I should practice what I preach and drop a comment at your sites once in a while. I do look in regularly, like you do here, but that's not commenting and engaging in the dialogue.

Strix Cratylus said...

I almost never comment anywhere else because if I'm inspired enough to say something worthwhile, I'd rather turn it into a post of my own. And once a site starts reliably getting a few dozen or more comments on every post, I usually stop reading them. Too much to keep up with.

Careful what you wish for, though.

bs said...

Dear Heywood,
I'm a regular reader, first time poster. I feel like you're channeling my own spittle-flecked rants sometimes. That's why this is my homepage. But, why would I need to leave a comment if you already know what I'm thinkin'? But you already knew that.
P.S. I told both my friends about the blog, so expect traffic to boom!

Brian M said...

Regular reader. Occasional poster.

Not sure why some blogs "take off" w/r/t commentary. Would agree with The Vile Scribbler that an active commentariate can be a terrible thing (God...the Who Is Ioz threads near the end were TERRIBLE), but I do enjoy active threads as well. One problem is "insider club" blogs (Stop Me Before I Vote Again) which can devolve into smugness.