Sunday, May 21, 2017

Media Enablers

Since Bob Schieffer is supposedly semi-retired as some journamalist emeritus, he doesn't have the usual excuses of callow careerism that most of them have when they reflexively parrot the status quo. I mean, if I wanted to hear mindless bullshit from a useless asshole, I'd watch Princess Snowflake read off a teleprompter.

It remains to be seen whether Fareed Zakaria and Brian Williams have learned anything from their idiotic "this is when he became preznit" mooning, but again, Schieffer should know better. He should be ashamed of himself for this.

But here's the deal, old man:  if you actually give two shits about your country and your vaunted profession, you'll kindly fuck off before dropping another turd like this into the world's punchbowl. Go fucking work for Fixed Noise, if this is all you're bringing to the table.

[via LGM]

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