Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dwindling Swindle

Again, by all means, the fake news media should keep up the rigorous fact-checking and parsing of every detail. It won't matter to his diehards, because they're morons and proud of it, but it matters to him, because he watches CNN, and he can't stand it when they call him on his LIES.

But what gets under his orange leather even more is when it's pointed out that far fewer people show up to listen to him whine -- and if you have the stomach, go find one of the streams of last night on YouTube and give it a spin. JESUS H. CHRIST, WHAT A FUCKING WHINING CRYBABY. It was 107 degrees in Phoenix yesterday (but it's a dry hate, ba-dum-bum); save everyone the headache and just buy some billboards saying THEY WON'T STOP PICKING ON MEEEEEE!

Biggest. Goddamned. Whiny. Bitch. Ever.

I can't imagine that he's a poker player, much less a competent one. He bluffs like old people fuck -- like he fucks. He has way too many tells -- verbal tics, hand gestures, body language, facial expressions. Even an average player like myself would fleece him out his decrepit Batman tower in about an hour.

Because he broadcasts to the world what angers him. He did it literally on his inauguration day, the day we for some reason decided to give this fat fucking assclown an official investiture, and not do the right thing and ship his ass to Russia where he belongs. And what angers him the most is people not validating his self-conception of Awesome Perfect Greatness. People not showing up in droves to listen to him whine for an hour about how hard governing is and how unfair the lying liars of the lying media are for recording the words he says and playing them back. Waaahhhhh!

So to go along with the fact-checking, the media would do well to check the venue capacity stats, talk to the fire marshals, get a reliable attendance vs. capacity comparison, and include that level of specificity in the article. He seems unable to go more than a few weeks now without traveling to a safe space and sucking up to the tardcore base. Include a count every time, every venue he hits. He'll either stop or snap. Either way, 'murka wins, to the extent that it actually deserves to.

But from photographic evidence, it looks like they were at half-capacity at best in the building, and outside the venue counter-protesters outnumbered supporters at a level comparable to Boston a few days ago. And even some of them were paid shills, because everything with these people is projection. They assume the counter-protesters are paid by George Soros because that's what they do.

But one of the most basic facts the media can provide is a reliable estimate of attendance. It's important. Lamely saying "thousands" tells people absolutely nothing. How many thousands? Two? Ten? Fifty? And how many "thousands" does the venue hold, did they pack the hall or was it only twenty or forty percent?

Qualitative analysis is all well and good, but ultimately pointless. We know he's going to lie about fucking everything. Bokay? This is never in question; it was never in doubt before he got into politics. He's been a fucking liar about every little thing since the dipshits in the New York media started taking his calls. It's important to chronicle and archive the lies for posterity, so future generations can see the abject nonsense some of our fella 'murkins marinated in, but for the time being, listing the lies won't move anyone on the dial. Everyone on both sides already knows he's full of shit; the difference is that his base is fine with it, so long as it pisses off the right people.

At one point in the Phoenix rally, Snowflake gestured out toward the media cameras across the hall, filming the podium, claiming that they wouldn't film the rally, that the lights were going off. The audience looked across at lights that remained as they were, not going off, and they jeered all the same. They are all in, fully vested, full-throated accomplices in what will be looked back on as a slow-motion crime, or a gathering muck ball of a million little crimes.

This is the logical outcome of people who become cult members with a narcissistic asshole as its center of gravity. Some of them will literally never back out, no matter what, because his failure is also their failure, and because they can't own the hard fact that they failed long before they ever cast their sorry lot with this moronic charlatan.

So the qualitative analysis only gets you so far. It's the quantitative analysis, even the modest perspective lent by actual numbers versus capacity, that will give us information, and let us know that whatever spell he cast on these fuckin' morons, it's finally starting to wear off on at least some of them.

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