Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Profiles In Dipshit

You know, as the father of a young girl who wears her share of Hello Kitty gear, I certainly share the outrage over a piece of shit child killer, but um, c'mon:

A Northern California woman who has the same name as the Sunday school teacher charged with murdering an 8-year-old girl says she is getting death threats from people who mistake her for the suspect.

Like the Tracy resident who is accused of killing Sandra Cantu and putting her body in a suitcase, the Melissa Huckaby who lives 14 miles away in Manteca is 28 years old, has a 5-year-old daughter and volunteers at church.

Yeah, see, in addition to being a different town, one critical difference is that the person accused of killing Sandra Cantu is, as a person with an IQ above 40 might expect, in jail without bail. Again, pending my desired stupid plague, it's just too damned bad every idiot who called in a threat to this other poor woman didn't have the phone explode in their hand. Isn't there a Pied Piper of stupid out there (now that Howie Mandel is on medical leave) who can lead these bozos off a fuckin' cliff or something?

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