Saturday, May 09, 2009

Beauty and the Beasts

As a lifelong Californian, I can't help but be embarrassed by inflatable pageant dingbat Carrie Prejean. Not because of her incoherent atavism specifically, though that doesn't help.

But this was a question asked by a gay blogger whose stock in trade is drawing fake dribbles of jism on celebrities' faces, at an event owned and operated by short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump. What kind of narcissistic moron thinks it's a platform to burble some fag-bashing manifesto? And what sort of preening retards would bother to make such a person at such an event their mascot?

Desperate, genuinely stupid people, that's who. I don't think this guy is being serious, but the fact that some people probably would be dead serious about it is bad enough:

Sarah Palin is supporting Carrie Prejean according to Carrie's father, 58-year-old William Prejean. He confirmed that in a show of support Palin called Prejean. Although Mr. Prejean would not reveal the contents of the conversation with his daughter, Carrie Prejean has taken the same position as Ms. Palin against same-sex marriage (or as Ms. Prejean labeled it "other sex marriage").

The two outspoken women have a great deal in common. Both are beauty pageant queens, conservatives and staunch Christians who are not afraid to testify to their beliefs in public. Is this the next home run team for the Republicans? Are we ready for two women in the White House (not as a couple because they oppose that type of relationship)?

The possibilities are endless, and the late-night talk show hosts would love it. In this time of great change, anything is possible, and these two forthright women would be much more interested [sic] to watch than McCain, Obama or even George W.

Really? Why? Neither one of them is able to think or speak competently, even more so than Fredo, which is pretty bad news when you think about it. But it would generate a circus, because their supporters are braying retards, and the media are stupid enough to plug the circus. Everyone should have forgotten who this broad was two weeks ago, and instead she's been allowed to portray herself as a martyr, haughtily sacrificed on the manchowder-encrusted altar of fuckin' Perez Hilton. Bitch, please.

I mean, I recall the days when Republicans and conservatards used to at least pretend that they were the party of leaving people the fuck alone, but this year's model (pun intended) has forgotten even that simple dance.


Grace Nearing said...

Are we ready for two women in the White House (not as a couple because they oppose that type of relationship)?Given the context, was the parenthetical content really necessary?

Heywood J. said...

Yeah, kinda strange and unnecessary. Even a blogger/columnist should be more forthcoming about just how ridiculous it is that ciphers like Palin and Prejean can become mascots for these bozos. A gentle "heh, two chicks" nudge is no longer sufficient; this crowd does not do subtlety or nuance.

Prejean is a dimbulb pageant runner-up who unnecessarily inserted herself into a political hot-button issue. Palin is an opportunist who has made a career out of telling people how to manage their families instead of managing her own. Neither one is capable of composing a coherent thought, just pre-jumbled word salads of the usual talking points and phrases.

Those are reasonably objective observations, so it's weird that "objective" journalists feel like they can't go there, call a clown a clown for once.

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