Thursday, July 07, 2016

Ass Ipsa Loquitur

If you have the stomach and patience, here's last night's Drumpf putsch in Cincy, complete with suckup / pseudo-historian Newt Gingrich introducing him. You have to see one of these to believe it, to really put it all into context. Everything you've read and heard about these things is true, the nonsense, the lies, the bloviating, the hooting and bellowing from the crowd.

For the terminally obtuse, on his two main defensive points:

  • The deal with the star is not that Drumpf is anti-Semite; the deal is that the graphic originated at one of these sleazebag white supremacist outlets. And this is not the first or second or third time this has happened, that Drumpf has re-tweeted something that originated from places with names that ought to be a clue (for example, "White Genocide"). Whether it's social media dickhead Dan Scavino or Drumpf himself stumbling across these little gems, maybe take two minutes and check out where it came from. Otherwise it's just another dog whistle to the white power animals going whole-hog for Drumpf. (Not to mention that Drumpf, who holds events at his own places so that he can funnel campaign donations right back through them, is at least as corrupt as he claims HFC to be.
  • Does Drumpf admire Saddam Hussein? No, of course not. (Hopefully, that is.) But again, the pattern is there. Over and over and over again, the guy professes his admiration for the ability of tyrants and despots to "get things done." Even if one accepts that Saddam was effective in rooting out real terrorists (as opposed to internal dissidents and political opponents), the direct implication Drumpf is aiming for is that the current administration is allowing ISIS to proliferate. And it's simply not true; the area of territory they control in Iraq and Syria has been cut in half. There are bombing sorties and Special Forces in-country. Unless Drumpf is proposing to simply nuke Baghdad and have done with it, civilians and all, this is a complex issue that takes some time.

I've watched three or four of these events over the past year, drink in hand of course. And every time, I come away thinking -- wishing -- that Drumpf's cult followers could get what they wish for, and the rest of us could avoid the consequences. Much like the Brexit dopes, who are going to feel the consequences the most directly, these people should have to own every ounce of impact that this lunatic would hit them with: trade wars, actual wars, shitty business practices. This guy fucking talks up Don King and Mike Tyson about 43 minutes into this mess, and it gets worse from there.

Nothing has changed. These are truly the dumbest fucking people on the face of the planet, and they deserve everything that's coming to them. I sincerely hope they get every last drop of it.

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