Saturday, July 16, 2016

None Dare Call It Reason

As long as we're making up crimes and punishments, I call for this worthless cocksucker to be strung up in a filthy back alley, and his bug-eyed corpse to be dumped in the nearest outhouse. I mean, it's West Virginia, so you know there's a fuckin' outhouse within earshot.

Look, I'm as skeptical of HFC as the next cat, but this is ridonkulous. These crazy assholes need to beaten down, hard. No mercy. Twenty points is not enough of a spread; 99-1 would be more suitable. These knuckle-draggers must be repudiated wherever they crawl out of the woodwork. If they cannot mount a campaign of principled disagreement and proportionate response, then the gloves must come off.

I don't know if Michael Folk has noticed, but there is a climate of violence brewing across the nation right now. Cops are abusing and killing citizens, madmen are murdering cops that had nothing to do with any abuse issues, terror attacks are occurring hither and yon, and people are kind of on edge. We do not need this sort of incendiary rhetoric.

Additionally, Folk may want to review the tape of Jim Comey declining to prosecute HFC for her email issues. I can take it or leave it, but Comey is not a Dem partisan hack, by any means. If he says he saw smoke, but not fire, we're all just going to have to leave it at that and move on, especially considering that General Petraeus' issues with classified emails was much more egregious and criminal, and he walked away from it.

Not only that, but even if Comey had decided to prosecute HFC over the emails, it's not a hangin' offense. Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, what the fuck is wrong with these people? One expects this sort of dipshit booga-booga from random YouTube or Twitter assholes, places that treat their comments section like the bathroom wall at the filthiest rest stop on I-80. But Michael Folk is a state legislator. Is it too much to ask that he behave as such? Apparently it is.

(Just a reminder:  Jim Comey was Patrick Fitzgerald's assistant prosecutor in the Scooter Libby trial. You may recall that one, where a CIA field agent was outed, endangering her life, as well as those of her field contacts. That was not a hanging offense either.)

I don't know about you, but I've had enough of these people, and their tedious bullshit. I do not seek rapport or common ground with them, when they talk like that. Fuck them, fuck their voters, fuck their families, their communities, their social clubs. Everything they touch is tainted, and must be razed to the fucking ground. I want HFC and the Democratic Party to go scorched earth on them, burn them to the ground, salt their ashes and the earth beneath them, take a healthy dump, and plow it all under.

They won't of course; the Democrats are as feckless and gutless as the Republicans are stupid and spiteful. It will be enough of a challenge to get the Dems out of their natural circular-firing-squad posture. But there's always hope.

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