Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Copulation Nation

Here is the formula whose misuse by Wall Street spreadsheet-tards (aka "sheetards") ruined the world economy and millions of lives. We should give them another big burn-pile of our money; after all, they said they were sorry, didn't they?


Sharkbabe said...

Humans just seem to have a deep need to be scammed and dazzled and fucked all to hell (and not in the good way) by fellow humans in better clothing.

(I mean, of course I always knew this .. but who could ever have dreamed what complete triumphant huckster culture could do, untrammeled .. while we're all asleep at the switch, i.e. living our lives ... )

Heywood J. said...

Out of all the things we've learned from this fiasco, maybe the most disturbing is that these "experts" really had no idea what they were doing, nor what to do when everyone figured that out. We all wanted to believe it, but we also were led to believe these clowns actually knew how to do their jobs.

So of course we should give them more money to play with.

Thomas Daulton said...

“It's almost worth the Great Depression to learn how little our big men know.” - Will Rogers.