Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Whom, exactly, is the target audience for Pravda pseudo-columnist and former Bush knob-buffer Michael Gerson? I mean, seriously, the have-mores who stuck through thick and thicker with Fredo because he made it worth their while have better things to do these days, while the culture vultures Gerson usually preens to are busy getting fleeced by work-at-home scams and listening to Paul Harvey.

So Gerson's job, as it turns out, is to be the RNC's dogsbody in a putatively respectable national newspaper. And you'd think a guy who carries so much water on a daily basis would have bigger arms, but there ya go. The current project for these rent-a-hacks is to convince the usual disgruntled rubes that Bobby Jindal is the answer to their problems, the voice for their imagined grievances, and good luck with it. Never mind that Jindal's big ol' principled stand involved screwing his own people on $98 million worth of unemployment insurance, so's he could stand there and act like he was standing up to The Man, taking the other $3.7 billion the feds are throwing at his inbred backwater.

Gerson proved long ago that it takes very little to impress him, which is also true of the Post's slop-ed page apparently. I look forward to the entertainment value of a Palin/Jindal (or vice-versa) ticket in '12, with a healthy dollop of Sam the Plunger thrown in for good measure. Gerson will no doubt be their biggest cheerleader, and the Post will be thrilled to print his burbling nonsense.

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