Monday, June 06, 2016


Well, well. Looks like sort-of-fuckable Florida AG Pam Bondi solicited campaign contributions from Mr. "When I call, they kiss my ass" right before her office coincidentally decided not to pursue charges against Fatboy's glorified flipping seminar. Timing is everything, you know.

That this information comes out on a day that also featured an in-depth report on what a clusterfuck dumpster fire his campaign really is, and an additional report on how he called out his own staff for not adopting his bizarre strategy of doubling down on his baseless attacks on Judge Curiel, is just too good to be true. Keep fucking that chicken, asshole!

It really is a borderline insane tack to take, this continued attack on the judge. How precisely has Curiel been "unfair" to Drumpf, in a case that has yet to be adjudicated, and in fact was pushed back past Election Day by the judge? Curiel could just as easily have insisted that Clownstick spend valuable campaigning time skulking into the deposition room to lie further about his scam.

I think it's important for whatever's left of the sanity of this nation that Drumpf -- and more crucially, his cult followers -- get blown out in the election. A squeaker won't cut it; they'd just whine that they were close enough to win it, but it somehow or other got stolen from them. No, they need to get absolutely crushed, and learn a lesson.

It's not as if Drumpf isn't doing his part to throw it by twenty points. He barely bothered lobbing back at HRC after she delivered a blistering rebuke last week, preferring instead to focus on whatever underhanded maneuvers the unfair Meskin judge has done to poor Donny. He seems fixated on the guy, at the expense of everything else. He's supposedly got cretins like Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer on his veep short list. The "plans" on his website for various things are just the same old incoherent nonsense we've come to expect from Dopey Dumb Old. There really is no there there. Sad!

It's way too early say that this is finally getting fun, because the outcome looks more possible (if not yet nearly certain), but it might be starting to.

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