Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Burying the Lede

While the media chases its collective tail over Drumpf's Second Amendment, amirite? wink-and-a-nod to the (judging from the number of applause breaks) crowd of drooling morons, they're missing the real story here. Throughout the entire speech, he's either incoherent or flat-out lying, there's simply no in-between whatsoever. Many people are saying he's a fucking moron who can't stop lying. Sad!

Here's a fun incoherent part, where he talks about Carrier air conditioning moving a manufacturing plant to Mexico, and how he'd single-handedly stop it all (unless, of course, they were Drumpf Signature Line Air Conditioners, the classiest and coolest air conditioners you can find, they're tremendous, believe me):
And two things are gonna happen, one of two things — one of two things are gonna happen. Number one, if you get them in time, they’re not moving. Throws it all off-balance, since they’re all off-kilter. Number one they’re not — now, nobody — people would say well, why doesn’t anybody use this? Why doesn’t anybody mention it?
SPOILER ALERT -- he never makes it to number two. Sad! I think we all needed to know that second thing that was totally gonna happen.

One of the truly fun things about this fucking guy is how he acts like he's the first person to come up with this shit. Keep American companies and jobs from being outsourced to third world countries? IT"S ABOUT TIME! Give those DC fat-cats the ol' what-fer, 'cause only the retirees who haven't left Spittle County since Nixon was in office really know what's goin' on. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?

Try reading the whole fucking transcript, if you have sufficient alcohol and patience. Do not make a drinking game out of it; whatever your criteria, you will find yourself blacked out and in a hospital before you're halfway through. But, ah, again -- a truly adversarial media would just start packaging this nonsense and pushing it hard. A Drumpf State of the Union address would just be a discursive, ADHD rendition of stale lies and borscht-belt insults, ending with "Squirrel!"

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