Thursday, August 04, 2016

Immigrant Song

I can't imagine anyone cares too deeply about any "inconsistencies" in Melania Drumpfski's story about emigrating to the US -- except, of course, insofar as it highlights the likelihood that her husband might be less than sincere in his commitment to keep out the furners.

Hell, this is the third time this week something has come up that undermines Clownstick's credibility on this issue. Late last week, it came out that Drumpf was hiring nearly 80 foreign workers at his Florida country club, because it's tough to find busboys to clean up after overfed swells or something. Yesterday, HFC shrewdly toured a tie factory in Colorado, comparing their ties with Drumpf's signature line, made in China. Of course, since Drumpf's name is his real product, he is indiscriminate about using workers from other countries to support it -- clothes made in Asia, furniture made in Turkey, etc.

I have seen commenters -- reasonably sane ones -- on websites, propounding their belief that Drumpf is sincere about reforming immigration laws, keeping out the moooslims, removing the illegals that have stuck around too long, yada yada. I find it somewhere between ridiculous and pathetic that, after listening to this man's foolishness for the past year, anyone could think he's sincere about anything, anything at all.

Recall that Drumpf pitched his tent early on as a birther, and a not terribly committed one at that, but just visible enough to serve as a rube magnet, to corral a base of true believers for the run. It's just marketing for (and to) morons, telling them what they want to hear. What's his slogan, Stop me before I'm forced to employ more furners!?

No one should be surprised, by the way, if it happens that the Drumpfkins really just want the brown people gone. Which again, is just one in a long line of reason why these dopes deserve everything they got comin' to them. You want sincerity? I sincerely wish they could get Drumpf, without the rest of us getting any of him on us. It would be a great way to thin out the herd.

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