Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Plop Fiction

Uh, yeaaahhhhh, I think we've heard that tall tale before. Funny how there's no description of the guy with the crowbar, or his vehicle, or how an elderly man gets beaten with a crowbar and doesn't need to go to the hospital, or how this supposedly happened "last week" (what day?) and we're just now hearing about it. These people are nearly as incompetent at lying as their bozo of a cult leader.

This story is in a number of outlets over the last few hours, all of them simply reprinting the original AP feed word-for-word. Did I miss something, or is the ASSOCIATED PRESS, like the Holy Roman Empire, no longer any of those things? I honestly can't believe any sort of qualified editor let this be released as a news item. Fucking Perez Hilton does more rigorous fact-checking.

Ten bucks says there is nothing, or nearly nothing, true or accurate about this story. But, you know, maybe a NEWS AGENCY could verify some facts and details before putting it out to the nation. This is what happens when your corporate media collectively says "fuck it."

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