Sunday, March 29, 2009

Northern Exposure

Looks like everyone's favorite Wasilla hillbilly has stepped in it once again, big time. [Link via Gin and Tacos.]

I disagree with Ed at G&T's assessment, however; the tone of the Portfolio article simply confirms what we all realized months ago, that Miss Thang has outgrown her parochial ambitions, that it's the pictures that have gotten small, and that the GOP bench is so severely thin that the national party org will be happy to double down on her future. Who else they got? Bobby "The Exorcist" Jindal? Michael "Wickety-Wack" Steele? Michele "Mary Tyler Moron" Bachmann? Good luck with all that.

And Alaskans are most certainly dumb enough to vote her in again no matter how badly she screws the pooch; we are, after all, talking about a state that damn near returned a patently corrupt, insane coot like Ted Stevens back to the Senate after he was convicted. This is a state whose residents apparently take some measure of twisted pride in bucking standard assumptions such as logic and rationality, and Palin, whatever else she is, is obviously adept at pushing the right emotional buttons. It's how she got this far.

But again, her whirlwind trip through the lower forty-eight appears to have enhanced her most notable trait, that of smarmy, grasping ambition, borne of pure gall and the ability to pull the most amazing, ridiculous shit straight out of her ass and run it right up the flagpole. If she can get the blessing from higher-ups, I would bet money on her challenging Lisa Murkowski for that other Senate seat. I don't think we've heard the last of her, especially as whatever economic "surge" begins "working" invariably leaves the usual swaths of low-income, low-info folks -- Palin's base, of course -- where they've always been, seething with resentment, ready to vote for whoever will validate their bitterness.

It's something when the brightest stars of one of the two major political parties in the world's most powerful nation are a couple of card-carrying morons like Palin and Jindal, the latter of whom may want to confer with the former about her state's Mount Redoubt continuing to erupt, given Jindal's smug ignorance about the whimsical nature of volcano montioring. There's nothing left of the GOP but a cadre of moronic assholes, and the sooner they're written off for good, if they're not going to get their shit together, the better.

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