Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idle Threats

The more these morons threaten to go Galt on the rest of us parasites, the more details they proffer, the more hilarious it becomes. Keep in mind that this (bowel) movement is all a reaction to having to pay three percent more in taxes when your income is over $250K, and there's no way the three panelists in the Speedos Media vlog make half that combined.

Now, I've no doubt that there absolutely are people out there who are stockpiling food, water, ammo, gold, etc., waiting for the grand collapse which, since we're refunding the bozos that started the mess, is not entirely out of the question. But these clearly aren't those people, and the difference is that the guys who are hoarding 55-gallon drums of rolled oats in the shipping container out in the back field aren't holding playtime conference-vlogs discussing it, nor do they pretend that quitting smoking is a way of sticking it to The Man (not to mention, of course, the symbology that smoking carries in Atlas Shrugged, assuming the dingbat actually read it).

Cafeteria Catholics are bad enough, but cafeteria Randroids somehow manage to be even more insufferable than the real kind. They might have less time to fritter away on crude philosophizing that they don't quite apprehend in the first place, if they could just get laid. Failing that, quit talking about going Galt and please just do it already.

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