Sunday, March 15, 2009

Your Liberal Media

Some might be pissed by John King's craven water-carrying for a universally loathed, thoroughly discredited ex-veep here, but I think it's a wonderful trick how King is able to enunciate his calumny so clearly with Cheney's cock wedged so deeply in his throat. Didn't realize that being able to suck a dick and eat a hero sandwich at the same time was such an integral part of the skill set.

Good also to know that King reads a short-bus rag like Human Events. It's like reading an alternate version of Highlights, where Goofus has murdered Gallant, moved into his house and started banging his mom. It is as mercifully fact-free and conjecture-full as any ideologue could hope for. So at least we know where King stands now. I mean fuck, dude, why not bring up a sandwich board from a sidewalk lunatic next time, and validate that?

CNN: the Tijuana donkey show of cable journamalism.

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Marius said...

That bitch's pharynx must be so sore. Deep throat indeed.