Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody has ever been more of an obvious con man.
Nobody has ever been more incompetent at starting and/or running an actual business.
Nobody has ever been more transparent in their attempts to deceive, bamboozle, LIE at every opportunity, even creating opportunities to lie about things that are not even worth lying about.
Nobody has ever been more abusive to the English language, in terms of consistently using words that don't mean what he thinks they mean.
Nobody has ever been more destructive to this nation's norms and institutions, things we used to take for granted.
Nobody has ever been a worse husband, or a worse father. I hope that every time his gold-digger wife looks at him, she sees the blow-up dolls he stuck his little cheeto in, while she sat in her fucking tower, sometimes pregnant, sometimes with an infant for the nannies to take care of.
Nobody has ever been more of an obnoxious, cheap shill, in his tiresome attempts to hump everyone's leg until there's a tiny hole in it, insisting contrary to what all can see that he has a thirty-inch cock.
Nobody has ever been more like a stupid, tantrum-throwing toddler, every fucking day, without fail.
Nobody has ever been more gullible, taking all his marching orders from a bunch of traitors and sycophants at a propaganda network owned by an Australian.
Nobody has ever been more wasteful with self-tanning lotion, or spray, or UV beds, or whatever the fuck it is he uses to turn himself into a raccoon-eyed orange handbag.
Nobody has ever been more of a worthless cocksucker, useless and pathetic and utterly without any value whatsoever just as a human being.
Many people are saying that this asshole is a fucking embarrassment to what's left of this country, now that the pampered plutocrat class have killed it, and are merely figuring out how to divvy up the carcass.
People don't realize that because the Richie Rich scumbags have already killed it, the nation will probably never recover from what's taken place over the past three years.

Either we get rid of this piece of shit, and everyone who enabled him, or we deserve them. There is no middle ground to be had on this.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In Carny Nation

In case you haven't seen enough "Why Satan Won" thinkpieces over the last year or so, this one actually takes a fresher, more academic approach. I am aware of, but not familiar with, Bakhtin's "carnival" theory, but as explained in the link, it sounds similar to Barthes' deconstructed musings on pro wrestling as the true artistic expression of the proletariat.

The idea that the "jester" can provide a healthy outlet for the frustrations of the masses, without (usually) causing harm to the jester or the masses, is obviously an ancient and venerable one. Done well, it can provide the attentive ruler (or ruling class) an outlet as well, a path toward corrective behavior that could conceivably save their elite hides from a revolution.

But we're not on a path to revolution, or civil war, or anything else. It's just not going to happen. Nothing fazes us anymore. Billionaires have been screwing everyone else since the word "billionaire" was invented; to paraphrase Balzac, it's how they got there in the first place.

The elevation (to candidate for political office) of a comically boorish fake billionaire who pretends to be a populist certainly fits the carnival narrative of upending polite norms, embracing vulgarity and eschewing "correctness" and slapping the snobs in the face. But once the point's been made, elevating the cretin further -- or actually putting him in the seat of power -- makes the entire exercise utterly dependent on the person in question, their character or lack of it.

Pro wrestling was never particularly interesting to me, but the individuals from the ring that I've seen in interviews and movies tend to be very interesting people. There's a terrific documentary about Andre the Giant on HBO right now. Dwayne Johnson has crafted a successful movie career, mostly predicated on his likability, and John Cena is starting to do the same thing. Mick Foley was always funny and cool in his Daily Show guest appearances. Chris Jericho has his metal band Fozzy, as well as a goofy cameo in Devin Townsend's space-rock opera Z2. And of course there's They Live. Even Hulk Hogan was fun before he turned into a weird, cuckolded asshole with douchebag kids.

What made all the above individuals (and more that I'm forgetting, surely) funny and interesting is that they all made it very clear -- not explicitly, but clear all the same through their words and mannerisms -- that they were playing characters, that it was acting in the guise of sport. (Not to say that the physical damage and abuse isn't real; even if the punches and moves are exaggerated, most of us wouldn't last a minute in that ring.) They are there to entertain, have fun, hopefully make a few bucks.

It's much more difficult to tell where the crowds are at, though. They get into it with full-throated vigor, without seeming to have the knowing cynicism that comes with watching something that everyone knows is schtick, that we're all in on. And this will sound sexist, and I don't care, but if you've ever worked in an office with a lot of women, they can jabber on and on and fucking on about [pick virtually any "reality" teevee show, but used to be Survivor or Dancing with the Stars, now more likely one of the Bachelor franchises] as if the participants in these shows are "real" in the conventional sense, as if there's anything remotely non-contrived about a bunch of conventionally attractive people pretending to look for love in a hot tub while being filmed and selectively edited.

Unless I'm misreading the carnival theory premise (which is always possible), one of its central attributes is that it's temporary. Catharsis is important, but permanent catharsis would be paralyzing in many ways -- mentally, emotionally, productively. Set in an environment of epistemic closure, where facts and misbehavior don't matter, where the "legitimate" media are in a never-ending struggle to get clicks and keep moving, we've ended up with enough bitter, ignorant people who are too dumb and lazy to inform themselves, and instead act out of pure spite.

But that's exactly what the Republican Party has been cultivating for decades now, this ridiculous list of imaginary grievances, a narrative of complaints instead of policy and facts. It shouldn't be any surprise to have this massive audience of baying morons who take the schtick seriously, as literal truth. They were willing enough to vote for the wrestler who played to them, without worrying about the inherent cynicism.

Now they finally have a wrestler who is not playing a character. I think most people figured that the current waste of orange leather was playing the "heel" character, winking knowingly at "his" fans. We are all used to the schtick, regardless of our particular political persuasions. We expect the cynicism. Most people did not expect a wrestler who is his character, who has no separation at all from the jerkoff he has played on teevee for many years. (It is not for nothing that he really is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, and that he frequently refers to his supporters as "fans".)

Emperor Snowflake is an old, lazy man who doesn't (perhaps can't) read, has the attention span and impulse control of a four-year-old, and wants to grow up to be a banana republic caudillo. The main thing to keep in mind here (beyond his innate, lifelong ineptitude) is that he's old. He'll be gone, maybe sooner rather than later, but statistically some point in the next decade or so.

(I sincerely look forward to taking a huge shit on his grave, whenever that time comes. I'll eat half an all-meat pizza and chug a pitcher of beer first, maybe a few shots of whiskey. Should be a good ten-pound growler for His Majesty.)

But the audience will still be there, rabid, ravenous, incoherent, impossible to please. It's one thing to sublimate your own identity for an entertainment product, to live vicariously through imaginary heroes because your own life is going nowhere. It's quite another to actively subvert the future of your country because the most important thing to you is sticking your finger in the eye of an imagined caricature of your political opponents. If this doesn't change or at least get disempowered, sent back to its rightful place of impotent rage, then we are screwed, and maybe we deserve it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Requiem for a Bush

No doubt we've given Gramma Bush a hard time or two in here at some point, most likely after her Katrina gaffe, but compared to the current group of scumbags within the White House and supporting them in the media, she's a saint. It's not hard to appreciate a tough old bird who knew when to say when, went home on her own terms, and had bourbon at the end.

Having said all that, this classic internets conspiracy theory never fails to make me chuckle.

Monday, April 16, 2018

There's a Fox Among the Chickens, and a Killer in the Hounds

Of course, no one can possibly surprised that that fucking melon-headed mick Hannity is so far up his master's ass he might as well be a tapeworm. Just imagine for a second if (just spitballing a random example) Rachel Maddow had been shilling aggressively for Preznit Hillary, that it was public knowledge that they regularly had dinners together, that Clinton called Maddow regularly after her show and sought her advice, and that, oh by the way, they have the same fucking lawyer, the same lawyer that Maddow went batshit over when said lawyer's office was raided by the SDNY and FBI.

Hannity is literally functioning as a surrogate for Fuckface Von Clownstick, while pretending to provide something remotely resembling fact-based analysis of current events. He is perhaps the most compromised, in-the-tank hack ever to squat his fat ass in front of a camera, and considering the piece-of-shit network he's a part of, that's saying something.

Neither their audience nor their detractors are under any illusions about whether Fox News is anything more than a cheap, transparent agitprop shop. That's all they've ever been, it's their sole purpose, and all the Shep Smith or Juan Williams useful-idiot types don't change that a bit. A vile Australian who simply refuses to do the right thing and die already, who is literally the model for The Simpsons' C. Montgomery Burns, uses his entertainment network to bankroll his propaganda network, a place with an institutionalized culture of coercing its female employees into sex. Fuck every single person who sets foot into that cursed building.

Fox has to go. Every bit of it. Fox News, Fox Entertainment, Fox Fucking Football. It's all part of the same evil, lying, self-dealing org. Boycott all of it, whether it's Tucker Carlson or Family Guy. Sign every petition you can find, send a note to as many of their advertisers as you have stomach for. Put them all out of work, make them earn an honest living at long last. Burn it all to the ground, salt the earth, piss on the ashes. This can't go on. We have to stop normalizing and accepting this behavior with a shrug. There needs to be accountability for poisoning the well.

[Update 4/17/18 8:30 PM PDT:  Chuck Toad is another useless sack of shit who needs to go find honest work as well. Fire all of them and start over.]

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Even When They're Right, They're Wrong

Three recent events -- two of them closely related to one another -- have surfaced as further evidence (as if anyone needed further evidence) that the god-emperor's compass of logic and reasoning is fatally flawed, because even in those rare instances where he says something that is accurate, he still manages to botch the execution. Let's take them in reverse order, starting with the most recent:

Syria:  It's difficult to imagine even his staunchest supporters being fooled by this nonsense. This is simply a repeat of last year's embarrassing dick-waving, slamming a few dozen million dollars' worth of ordnance into empty airfields and abandoned buildings. And for what? To "warn" Bashar al-Assad that dropping barrel bombs on apartment buildings is acceptable, but chlorine gas is not? Dead is dead. He's been killing children and civilians all along; whether it's with gas or with explosives packed with shrapnel shouldn't really matter. And warning the Russians ahead of time is exactly what he badgered Obama about in 2013. It's true what they say -- every tweet this asshole puts out has a rhetorical doppelganger from five years ago, hypocritically undermining his own pathetic attempts at logic.

He's right of course that in principle, Assad's conduct is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. But there are no good solutions to Syria, and Clownstick is certainly not the person to cut this particular Gordian knot. Russia is too heavily invested in the outcome now, as are (in no particular order) Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel. The possibility of a spreading conflagration that ensnares key powers and escalates drastically (in other words, a "world war") is very real.

Forget individual personalities for a second -- the United States right now does not have the diplomatic resources needed to negotiate a settled outcome to the escalating conflict in Syria and its surrounding region. Everyone who could have provided expertise and insight into forging a peaceful path forward has resigned in frustration or been purged. They simply don't have anyone left, and now John "Stop calling me Michael" Bolton has been handed the keys to the 'murkin war machine, for which you can probably attribute the timing of last night's action.

Give Bolton this much credit -- he has wasted no time in purging NSC staff and seizing control of the foreign policy security apparatus. The problem is that Bolton, while slightly more intelligent than his insect overlord, has roughly the same temperament, and is remarkably ill-suited for the job. He is the Doug Neidermeyer of gubmint careerists -- smug, supercilious. Bolton is a conniving, ankle-biting little shit who is going to further damage American foreign policy credibility for the next 10-20 years, and endanger countless military and civilian lives around the world. Count on it. He has no business being anywhere near the levers of power, because he only knows how to break things. Which makes him a perfect fit for this clusterfuck.

The fact that Hair Furor chose to end this morning's self-congratulatory tweet with "Mission Accomplished" should indicate how tone-deaf and unserious he is about all this. (Not to mention just plain bizarre, given his oft-repeated prescience about what a debacle the Iraq War was and would become.) He has no understanding of the larger forces in motion in the region, nor any interest in gaining any such understanding. What is the "mission"? What is the plan for when Assad confers with Putin, decides he's protected, and launches another chemical attack? How do we know there was even a chemical attack by the Syrian government in the first place? Because Bolton said so? Fuck that, we're gonna need actual evidence, if not indisputable proof. But just the fact that Shit-for-Brains thinks anything's been "accomplished" by one night of "precision strikes" on carefully-groomed targets should be a clear indication of how poorly suited he is for this sort of action.

So how do you solve a problem like Assad? Obviously, there is no "good" clear-cut solution. But a start would be to work up a joint regional security pact with Russia, predicated on repatriating internal Syrian refuges back to their homes, giving the country at-cost deals on grain to replenish their depleted reserves, and then pressure the Turks to open up the Grand Anatolia dam network to get the Syrian farmland some water. Can all that be done? Certainly not with the US diplomatic corps as it stands. But Emperor Snowflake enjoys jabbering about how much he loves him some Putin and Erdogan, sweaty he-mens who give the emperor a little cheeto chubby. There's no reason he couldn't use those world-class deal-making skills to get them to go along with something like that.

Remember that the Syrian civil war started because of climate change (among other things; Assad sold off the country's grain reserves to generate cash, not foreseeing a five-year drought). Recall also that much of the water problems in Syria and Iraq are exacerbated by Turkey's control of the headwaters of all the major rivers of the Mesopotamian region. Turkey craves the legitimacy that being a member of international organizations such as NATO and the EU would give them. That can be used as a bargaining chip to get the water moving again, and it would be the right thing to do for all parties concerned in the first place.

But of course, all of this is well beyond El Jefe Maximo's comprehension, and that of his henchmen. They don't do delicate or nuanced, and whatever Obama's very real foreign policy flaws were, the guy at least understood that being reckless meant dead people, American soldiers and foreign civilians alike. Snowflake doesn't know or care about any of that, he just knows what makes him feel like a big man. That's going to get us in trouble in Syria. But there's always the chance that, like the same actions there last year, nothing else will occur, and he'll step on his dick again next week, and we'll move on to that.

Trans-Pacific Partnership:  Turns out that, despite his colorful metaphors of wily Asians butt-fucking real 'murkin widget-stampers out in gawwwd's country, Snowflake is having a change of heart about the TPP. I think both candidates in the 2016 election were correct in their stances against the treaty, while recognizing that those stances were more rhetorical than principled. I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton would have at least attempted to renegotiate the treaty to make it viable for the US to enter into, and she would have been crucified in the media -- all media -- for doing such a thing.

With this fucking clown, there's been barely a peep so far, partly because there's been so much other clusterfuckery to cover, partly because he changes "ideas" like a sugar-addled kindergartner, so there's literally no expectations whatsoever regarding policy consistency, or even policy knowledge.

Remember how much we thought the bar had been lowered for special-ed Preznit Fredo Arbusto? Consider the notion that there is no longer any bar at all, at least not for Mister Man. Soon as a Dummycrat who can think and speak extemporaneously comes along, the bar will not only be put back in place, but it will be raised. I pity the fool who has to debate this asshole in 2020. There will be two completely different sets of expectations for the same event. The amount of slack this fucking retard and his dipshit cult are granted by the librul media is absolutely unconscionable.

Don't believe me? Ponder this counterfactual for a second:  you know all those stupid Cletus Safari articles that clutter up the major newspapers fortnightly? If Hillary Clinton had won, those same media monkeys would have done the exact same thing, gone out to the dilapidated diner in Fentanyl Flats and talked to the same incoherent, fist-shaking codgers ranting about how that bitch was fucking up real 'murka. You can fuckin-A count on that one. Our media are populated by clickbait slaves who have no guts or imagination, just a lemming-like drive to fill every news cycle with whatever's within a shovel's reach.

Anyway, the TPP. As originally drafted, there were simply too many intellectual property concessions in it (for starters) to make it viable for anyone but the elites who already own everything and spend their lives rubbing everyone's noses in it. So fuck them. But at the same time, the US withdrawing from the TPP also leaves us exposed to the Pacific Rim countries simply trucking on without us. This is something we're going to have to get used to in the decades to come, the rest of the world moving on without us. It cannot be overstated -- even if we somehow manage to avoid catastrophic conflict or natural disaster, the repercussions of this shithole administration will be with us for a very long time, certainly for the rest of my life (I'll be 51 next month) and probably for most of my daughter's life. And that's if we get our shit together and start turning this thing around, of which I am doubtful.

But again, Snowflake grumbles something about changing what passes for his mind and joining the TPP after all, yet provides no clue as to what the conditions would be, or how this would be done, or who would benefit, besides his goddamned children. Looking for possibilities to renegotiate and join the TPP is the right thing to do, but there has never been any indication that this particular gang has the knowledge or good faith to do something like that on anyone's behalf but their own as individuals.

Tariffs:  Even if (as with all things) his rhetoric on the subject was unnecessarily lurid and confrontational, there was a core of truth to Snowflake's assertions that free trade had damaged job prospects in the vaunted heartland, where (it cannot be said enough times) all the real 'murkins live, and only real 'murkins live. All of us heathens on the foul coasts are allowed to live only by their divine forbearance and grace. It's, like, in the Constitution or some shit.

But those folks do need jobs and careers that they can actually live on, and trade policy -- particularly with China and Mexico -- makes a difference for them. As with literally everything else this asshole touches, the problem is that he only does deals for himself. The big lie that the rubes bought was that he'd work his deal-making magic for them, never mind that he fucks up everything he gets his tiny doll-hands on, never mind that he's never negotiated anything that he didn't directly profit from. Even his charitable foundation was simply a transparently obvious tax dodge and money-laundering org.

So even if he cared enough to renegotiate trade policy with China to benefit something other than Princess' slave-made knock-off clothes, he doesn't know how. He "negotiates" deals like old people fuck. He said so himself in his own books that he just bullshits his way through everything; even his euphemism of "truthful hyperbole" serves only to underscore his inept approach to negotiation. He literally only has a couple of moves:  "anchoring" with a proposal he knows to be unacceptable, then "compromising" toward a more mutually acceptable outcome; and bullshitting his way through the deal and simply hoping that other guy is dumber than he is.

That is the deal-making philosophy of a degenerate gambler that puts the deed to his house on 33 Black at the roulette table, or goes all in at Texas Hold 'em on a ten hole card because another ten comes up on the turn. There is no strategy at all, he is all ego and volatile impulse.

And that's the common thread, not only with the three above examples, but with everything. This is where the rubes really got bamboozled. They cynically assumed -- against the weird "logic" of voting for a "non-politician" -- that like all politicians, Snowflake's campaign rambunctions were simply cut-to-the-chase examples of macho assertiveness, that he'd dial that down and get on to business in the job. They undercut themselves with that cynicism, somehow not realizing that, despite nearly forty years of televised evidence of this asshole humping the American media's leg like a terrier on a couch pillow, that that is who he is, that is all that he is. He is incapable of not being that guy.

There's a notion that a successful business-person cannot be a successful government executive, that despite the surface similarities, the mechanics of each job are too disparate. A CEO is too used to getting their own way to build coalitions and partnerships and work with others. There's some truth to that notion, but I wouldn't completely dismiss the possibility that a good business-person could be a good president.

But he's not a good businessman, and never has been. His only success is managing a portfolio of properties that he inherited from his dad. He's not a businessman, he's a fucking landlord, a rentier. Someone who is good at business creates and innovates. At the very least they develop better and more efficient ways to manage resources and optimize profits for stakeholders.

Snowflake has never done any of those things; at best he finds idiots who think his brand name is useful and he rents out his name to such people. It's pathetic to watch, really; normally even a moderately gifted bullshit artist has something to offer, they just exaggerate the benefits.

But he has nothing to offer, and never did. He's just a weird, pathetic old man who lives in an obscenely-decorated tower, where he can't even be straight about the number of fucking floors in the building, and goes around finding people dumb enough to believe his nonsense about having a twenty-four-inch cock. And that's just the stuff he does legally.

That is exactly the type of person who has a few random blind-pig-finds-an-acorn moments, and still never knows what to do with them. I wouldn't worry too much about Syria for now; hours after the "attack" they're partying in the streets as a show of defiance to the attacks, and attempts to distract a teevee-addled audience are doomed to fail when they're perpetrated by a careless bumbler with his own ADHD issues. But nothing good can ever come from this sad excuse for a man.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chilling Effect

Well, there they go again -- an honest, hard-workin' talk-show raver has been run out of his job by LIBTARD CORRECKNESS YOU GUYS. First they came for poor Laura Ingraham for taunting, then Kevin Williamson loses his livelihood just because he insisted that getting an abortion be punishable by death. And now this.

Why oh why can't a free and open exchange of thoughtful ideas include threats of violence? I mean, where's the fun in that? Can't everyone else simply read the minds of people like Jamie Allman and Kevin Williamson, and intuit that they and their ilk are, to a person, just a bunch of fat lazy armchair tough guys who couldn't harm anything more powerful than a bag of Doritos, that this is all just idle jabber, that the losers who listen to these phony-tough assholes are just like them, a bunch of dickless crybabies chewing holes in their cheeks with their impotent rage?

The main thing to remember, at all times, is that there's really just two effective methods of getting your point across to the cocksuckers of the world:  ballots and wallets. But you have to go deep and wide. For example, why boycott Laura Ingraham when the network she works for is a cesspool of lies and filth? Fox is a scummy organization that operated in a culture of rape and sexual harassment, and now peddles lies in dump-truck volume. The network itself actively destroys the fabric of this country on a daily basis, for no better reason than to make money and piss off doddering morons.

Same goes for Jamie Allman -- the resignation is a nice start, but Sinclair aspires to be the network version of Fox's cable operation. They have literally said that they want to help Preznit Tide Pod Challenge, and they want to do it the same way Fox has been doing it, with lies and propaganda.

This is so much bigger than whichever of these scumbags is picking on this or that Parkland survivor, whther it's physically threatening David Hogg, or photo-shopping pics of Emma Gonzalez ripping up the Constitution. They are liars, calumniators, bearers of false witness. They support a piece of shit like Scott Pruitt screwing the taxpayers and wrecking the environment; they support a clown like Ryan Zinke strutting around like a fake cowboy and selling national monuments to oil companies, when he's not logrolling massive disaster relief jobs to unqualified companies in his district. They support a religious fanatic like Betsy DeVos destroying what's left of the public education system in this country, and turning it into profit centers.

This is all or nothing, folks. This is not a good-faith dialogue of intellectual probity and thoughtful ideas. This is nothing short of a rhetorical war with people who will never support their arguments in good faith. That is a waste of time. Either you ignore their poison and hope it goes away (futilely), or you let the companies who sponsor them know that it will cost them your business.

Maybe they'll do the same thing to Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert or Bill Maher. That's the risk and the promise of this strategy. The 2016 election cast into sharp relief what kind of country the US had turned into, or perhaps was all along. But we know more, so much more, now than we did even eighteen months ago, and there is no more excuse for the dipshits who voted for him thinking he'd "grow into the office" or "bring change" or whatever stupid thing they told themselves as self-absolution for their dumb decision.

There are no more excuses. What happens in six months will either reinforce the seismic shift of 2016, or possibly point to a direction back from the brink. The absolutely most effective -- and entirely peaceful and non-violent -- way to accomplish this is with economic coercion. But it's not just about the electoral cycle. It is an ongoing fight, every day, every week. You can bet that they are working at it diligently.

Remember, you don't have to take their shit. Their entire argument about the "free marketplace of ideas" is a pernicious lie. They have no interest in honest debate on any subject. Theirs is the ethos of full-throated, epistemically closed nihilism. There's no responding to it; you might as well yell into a toilet bowl. When enough people quit bringing sporks to the gunfight, and realize that these fuckers have no rules or mores, you can shut them down.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Motor Shitty Asshole

Imagine the whining from the conservatard claque if anyone -- anyone -- proposed shooting them during an interview. Well, no one listens to me, but uh, yeah, at what point do decent people hold worthless shitbags like Ted Nugent and Alex Jones accountable for this sort of thing?

Here's how it'll shake out:  there might be some sort of squawk of outrage, and Fuckface Nugent might mumble some sort of mealy-mouthed "I was only joking" sort of averral. Somebody else will do or say something stupid, and people will forget about it in a couple of weeks.

But here's the thing -- I don't know about you, but I've had my fill of these fucking people. All of them. The cliché they tell victims of domestic violence -- that people will treat you how you let them treat you -- is a hard truth. That other old wives' chestnut -- when someone tells you who they are, believe them -- is just as true.

Ted Nugent turns seventy in December, and it would be a fine thing if he keeled over into a wood chipper before then. Failing that, he has some concerts coming up, including one at the end of June less than a mile from where I was born. I will be contacting the club to ask them what they think about having someone who literally says "half of the government should be shot" performing at their establishment.

I would very much prefer to have Ted Nugent alive but with nowhere to play, nowhere to spew the vile nonsense he routinely does at his shows. It's probably too much to hope that he goes broke from lack of touring opportunities, but I sincerely hope that happens as well. He's a vile piece of shit, and the world will be a better place when he's dead and gone. In the meantime, our options in dealing with such people are ballots and wallets.

People -- including Bill Maher, who really oughta know better -- are complaining about the supposed "chilling effect" that David Hogg's boycott on Laura Ingraham's show has on free speech. In that particular example, they're not entirely wrong; Ingraham is at most a third-tier light on a network full of deserving douchebags. Frankly, the entire network should be boycotted, not just a particular performer (which is really all any of them are, trained monkeys).

But free speech does have a responsibility baked into it. The First Amendment merely says that the gubmint can't imprison you for speaking your mind, no matter how demented you are. But it certainly does not guarantee you or me or Rush Limbaugh or Ted Nugent a comfortable living doing so, especially when the person in question is saying things that are provably untrue, and/or incitements to violence. Arguing with such people is an exercise in futility. They are not there to debate the merits of this or that position. This is so obvious, it needn't be said. [And yet you did. -- Ed.]

I don't want Nugent or Jones arrested for the things they say; I want the people who sponsor and support them to pay a price for doing so. It should be unacceptable to decent people for someone to say that Democrats (or Republicans, for that matter) should be shot. It should be unacceptable to claim repeatedly that a classroom massacre of first-graders was a hoax, as Jones has infamously done.

Kevin Williamson's another one. You cannot expect immunity from doubling down on the unspeakably stupid notion that women who have abortions should be hanged. (Extra points for Williamson's particularly stupid mode of doubling down -- by insisting he meant future women who have abortions, not the ones who have already had them. Oh, well, of course. Carry on then. Sheesh.)

This sort of rhetorical bomb-throwing keeps these losers employed, and that's the part that has to be shut down. They can spout their vile fictions all they want, but they should not have the expectation of securing a grand paycheck for their nonsense. (Incidentally, this also applies to more polite idiots such as Bobo and MoDo. Seriously, I can't believe there is anyone out there that still reads either of those two dipshits.) Williamson's defenders act like Williamson is someone trying to start some sort of good-faith dialogue, as if he's an honest broker in all this. All you have to do is read Williamson's responses to the abortion question [Q.: Are you serious?  A:. Hell yes, I'm serious.] to know that.

This is not to say that Williamson should have been fired from The Atlantic before he even had a chance to start. In fact, it would have been better for the abortion debate at large for Williamson to elaborate on his (let's say) peculiar sensibilities on the issue. But that is a different matter than noting that neither Williamson nor his new employers should have been in the least surprised when a number of people (including, you may be surprised to find, quite a few vagina-owning humans) were instantly revolted at the thought of reading a publication that employed such a person.

That is the accountability of the free marketplace, unless of course you're the one being held financially accountable for writing stupid things, in which case it's just a witch hunt.

Usually when free speech is squelched, it's from the top down. None of us will ever know how many momentous stories have been buried over the years by news editors, who are usually company creatures above all else. When it starts coming up from the bottom, from the powerless, people who don't have money or assets or media companies to push everyone around with, you can tell it's effective when the pigs start squealing.

So let's make Nugent squeal. The guy's already a fucking turd of a human being -- got a blowjob from Courtney Love when she was twelve and he was nearly thirty, right about the time he "adopted" a seventeen-year-old girl in order to beat the Mann Act. Plus, he literally shit his pants to get out of Vietnam, which is not a crime in and of itself (on the off chance he had a moral objection to the war), but tends to undercut his usual phony-tough guy stance.

Fuck him. He doesn't have to be shot, or even go broke, but if we're truly tired of hearing from people like that motherless fuck, the least we can do is make sure he can't show his face among decent people anymore. Let him have the Traitor-Slaver-Loser flag bozos, collectively drunkening to the thousandth iteration of Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. Fools and their money are lucky enough to get together in the first place. But it's time to start pressuring the companies that sponsor this shit.