Sunday, August 12, 2018


Virtually every policy and personnel decision/indecision made by this human centipede of an administration turns out to be a reflection, writ small of the operational principles baked into everything they do (and don't do).
  • The Cabinet appointments, aside from Jim Mattis, are clearly put in place to either monetize or implode the department they were selected to run. So you have Betsy DeVos, who would love nothing more than to turn the nation's public education system into a faith-based profit center. Rick Perry, who had no idea what the Department of Energy does, and who vowed to eliminate it in his high-larry-ous 2012 campaign, is in charge of our nukes and our efforts at renewable energy and energy independence. Ben Carson is barely qualified to sort aluminum cans at the ree-cycle center, and he's been put in charge of public housing, much to the thrill of the rentier class.
  • Tax cuts for people who already have many lifetimes' worth of money, and price hikes everywhere else to offset the measly thousand bucks some of the peons got as a one-time bonus.
  • Unnecessary tariffs and trade wars leading to spontaneous bouts of winning at companies across the country. The one saving grace of that is that the companies seem to be by and large comprised of people who voted for this, so thank the FSM they're getting what they wanted.
  • Turning the Veterans' Administration over to his buddies -- his customers -- at the Maga-Lardo. Fucking golf club cronies. The only reason this isn't a scandal is because no one has the ability to keep track of and pay attention to all the mendacity at this point. It's shit all the way down.
  • And now this stupid Space Farce thing. Look, there is conceivably a good-faith argument to be for the US to initiate a hegemonic program for space. So why not make that argument, instead of standing there like a jabbering dupe and saying DURRRR SPACE FORCE DURRRR FUCK YOU LIBTARDS over and over again. Could it be that the whole thing is bullshit? Nahhh, not these guys. Jesus H. Christ. Yeah, if you didn't know any better, you might get to thinking that this Space Farce bullshit is just a trillion-dollar defense-contractor scam with a classified budget.
The main thing is that some of these things -- again, especially the Space Farce -- are proposed only as post hoc justifications, after Mister Man gets a wild hair going and starts talking some nonsense. They have to go back and run some PR and photo-ops and pretend like, Oh yeah, this a totally real, legit thing.

Sure, just like the voting fraud committee that tried like hell for months to invent a problem that Shit-for-Brains had tweeted, until they finally had to grudgingly admit that it was even more difficult to invent than Benghazi. There are more examples.

To the extent that these shitheads will be remembered in history books and classes, it will be for singularly distinguishing themselves with this level of consistency -- that everything they ever did or said was at direct cross purposes with their supposed populism, and illustrated how they operate -- empty, venal slogans turned into half-assed policy simulacra.

Failsons of Minarchy

There should be a caption/fanfic contest for this pic:

We'll throw in a few easy ones to get the party started:
  • So that's what a muscle feels like!
  • He said he'd let me borrow the ass-less chaps.
  • If we're pulling a train, does that make me the engine or the caboose?
So what bikes do these realest of 'murkins have to ride, now that His Travesty has expressed his immense displeasure with Hardly-Dangerous? Seriously, did you ever think you'd live to see a public official in high office openly call for a boycott against a private business that crossed him? It'll be interesting to see just how much more winning these saps can take.

I don't think they've had quite enough snapped off in their asses just yet. Another quarter or two oughta do it for some of them; unemployment benefits run out quickly, especially in this wondrous worker's paradise where the unemployment rate is nominally 3.9% (Fake Numbers!), yet real wages are as stagnant as ever.

But yeah, this "Bikers for Clownstick" thing is just too much, as is that "I'm so turned on by all this lea-thurrrr" duckface. Not that there's a danger of some Nochni Volki scenario; these fake rebels either are card-carrying bozos who can't put their fingers together in the dark without a flashlight, or they're suburban assholes with jobs and mortgages and car payments who can't afford to lose their place in the swinger block parties with some weird mayhem-related charge.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Feature, Not a Bug

Since the day this downtrodden nation of ours was inflicted with the venomous scowl and unearned sense of self-regard that makes up the entirety of Omarosa Manigault, it has been useful to point to her as a prime example that women can be assholes too. I am not kidding in the slightest when I say that I sincerely hope that her two-ply tell-all sells three copies. Who knows, she might actually have to go out and ply an honest trade.

She's just fucking awful, I guess is what I'm trying to say, and I can't imagine who in the world could possibly be edified by her "revelation" about Agent Orange, a man that Manigault has worked for or vicariously tried to work for multiple times on a lame-ass fake-tycoon teevee show. She knew exactly what she was getting into when she took that bullshit White House job, and copped an attitude when she took it, talking about how everyone would have to kneel before Zod and such. Seriously, fuck her.

Does anyone out there, regardless of political persuasion, believe that the verified existence of a tape of Clownstick uttering the n-word and c-word over and over again would change anything? Hell, you could play a video of it on the nightly news of him openly ranting that shit, and his cult would double down. That's how they talk and think about those subjects.

Forget the dog-whistle, he bullhorns that shit all the time, and has for decades. He got his start in the 1970's having to pay fines to the Nixon Administration for housing discrimination. He took out full page ads calling for the summary execution of the Central Park Five, and continues to insist upon their collective guilt, years after they were all exonerated.

Even his more recent kerfuffles with blacks, betray a certain mindset. He's repeatedly referred to Maxine Waters as "low IQ," and recently disparaged both Don Lemon and Lebron James, specifically in their intellectual capacities. You think a video of him laughing about "dumb niggers" would change anything? Hell, it would only reinforce what he's been saying forever.

This is why people -- black, white, or otherwise -- shouldn't be falling for the overtures any black celebrity pays to this piece of shit. Kanye West was a fucking asshole when he heckled Taylor Swift, and he's still a fucking asshole, and delusional to boot. (And his music has always been shit as well; all the critics who've sucked his dick over the years need to clean their ears out -- he's never been anything but a no-talent hack.) Omarosa would have taken their money as long as she could have, n-word or no. All those black ministers who show up to the fealty photo-ops are hucksters, selling fifty-dollar vials of oil and prayer towels to suckers, so they can buy a better Gulfstream and buttfuck more teenage boys.

For years I've observed exactly which "black friends" Clownstick has cultivated for public display, and they've always been the worst of the worst: Don King; OJ Simpson; Mike Tyson; Ray Lewis; Dennis Rodman; and of course, Kanye and Omarosa. Go ask Chuck D what he thinks of those assholes. It's a modern form of minstrelsy, and they should all be ashamed of themselves for letting him use them as props.

It's not exactly untrue that the Democrats have taken their black voting base for granted, but that is orthogonal to the fact that the Republicans routinely trot out trophy blacks to lamely try to conceal their rapacious policies that overwhelmingly affect poor black people. I don't have to drink Flint's poisonous tap water; my kid doesn't attend Baltimore's run-down schools.

So people such as those jive-turkey bloggeristas Diamond & Silk oughta be reminded frequently of exactly what they're really supporting, and that goes equally for shameless opportunists like Omarosa Manigault, and insufferable shitheads like Kanye West.

Fight Club

Recently attorney Michael Avenatti has been rumbling about running for president in 2020, and there have been some responses at various blogs and Twitters that I frequent. Many of the takes are, let's say, not exactly glowing.

I am willing to bet a cold hard C-note that Avenatti never makes a serious bid for running. I don't think running is his point. True, he is a shameless publicity hound, but he has the benefit of actually having something to say. There is a point to Avenatti appearing on MSNBC every couple days, certainly more so than the current thing in the Oval Office, with his morning-dump rage-tweets every motherfucking day.

It occurs to me that fighting -- more specifically, girding potential Democratic candidates to fight -- is Avenatti's point. People have gravitated to his pugnacious style, and they're right to do so.

Unfortunately, we're in an era where performative outrage counts as much or more as real outrage. It's pathetic, and it says a lot about the societal conditions of late-stage capitalism and an empire in rapid decline, but it's the deal all the same.

Do you want Fuckface Von Clownstick to go down in ignominious defeat, and slither back to his crumbling Manhattan twit-hole? Good, that's a start. Now, whoever goes up against that gaping asshole is going to have to pack a lunch, because he's obviously to going to lie and cheat and bullshit and bully his way through this. He's going to pull things completely out of his ass, not bother to brush away the peanuts and corn, slap it on the table and defy you to call him out on it.

That's been his sole move so far, and you know what? It's worked for him quite well. Because everyone is still playing by the Before Rules, while Calvin runs around playing Calvinball.

At worse, Avenatti is challenging Democrats to sack up and get in the ring, because Clownstick is a cheap cock-puncher who's going to fuck them up if they insist on sticking to the old Marquess of Queensberry rules. People want someone who's going to scrap, and not take any shit, and not get bogged down in thousand-word policy positions and focus-grouped responses.

Anyone planning to run who can't just flat-out admit that they don't like broccoli, or that their favorite ice cream is rocky road, or that they like Dijon mustard or Swiss cheese, needs to just step the fuck off right now and save us all the headache. And when they get criticized and calumniated by the Fixed Noise flying monkeys, they need to take a tip from Snowflake and fire back on them, call out Fucker Carlskin and Melonhead Hannity and ask what the fuck is wrong with them, if they get paid by the lie or what.

The midterms are going to be bad enough, and if the Dems can't roll in strong in ninety days, then you can already count them out for 2020. But they probably will make a dent in November, and if they wish to carry that momentum forward and build on it, they will have to put aside their quaint notions about decorum and civility and comity.

Either you genuinely believe that the nation and its institutions are being imperiled, and you act accordingly, or you don't. It's that simple. I don't give a flaming fuck about Michael Avenatti's lack of political experience. If he somehow won the Democratic nomination for president in the 2020 election, I'd vote for him happily. I want those fucking monsters out of there, and their miserable death cult terminated with extreme prejudice. I'd fucking vote for Stormy Daniels if that's what it took.

They Ask Questions, Slight Return

Speaking of mediots and accountability, someone's eventually going to need to step forward and explain why Megan McArdle is allowed to fail upward forever. I don't recall ever reading anything of hers that even qualified as a fresh take, much less a cogent insight.

But here she flat-out rips aside the curtain, exposes what we all already knew -- that the financial system is and always has been completely rigged for people of wealth and power -- and says, "What's the problem?"

Maybe the problem is that there is this enormous, pervasive industry in print and television and radio of "hot take" pundits who say and write stupid things, and are never held accountable for any of it. They don't have to accurate or even sensible; in fact the stupider and more inflammatory they are, the better off they usually do. Again, it's all about the money in the end, never the ideology.

This is your meritocracy, America. How do you like it?

They Ask Questions

Anne Applebaum spends several hundred words and some column inches asking what most people can answer with, say, six words:  Laws only apply to little people.

People like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone get away with their nefarious bullshit for generations because they know the right people, and more likely than not they possess incriminating information on them. Not that they need it; it is, as we've always said, a game of money and not really of ideology, and as such, people who bring in money are always protected to some extent.

Ideology is just something cobbled together to keep the proles distracted. Filthy pelf is where it's really at. This is not exactly a secret; hell, they don't even bother to conceal it.

I veer and vacillate between predictions, knowing full well that prognostication is a total fool's game in this worst-of-all-timelines. In a rational world, Manafort would be convicted with aggravating circumstances, and be sentenced to a traitor's fate in the Florence ADX super-complex, 23 hours a day of solitary confinement until he keels over from all the fecal matter clogging his arteries. The emperor is impeached and summarily deposed, and the GOP is permanently quashed as a functioning political institution. The hard work of rebuilding a disintegrated polity begins anew.

But nothing makes sense anymore, so the best bet is on the most absurd thing:  Manafort gets convicted, in this trial and his upcoming one next month; the emperor pardons him, as is his wont; the mediots bumble and rustle and fulminate, getting their pundit petticoats in full dudgeon; the basetards, emboldened by His Travesty's ongoing contempt for the RULE OF LAW, make it into their collective contempt as well. Just enough Dems win in the midterms to take the House but not the Senate, which is at least enough to hamstring Snowflake until 2020, which will then be the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVAR.

And it all comes back to the basic fact that everyone talks a good game about accountability, but it always and only reserved for people who are too broke to defend themselves in court and hire good PR people.

Monday, August 06, 2018

I'd Rather Be an American Than a Republican

It should be clear by now that my personal opinion of Emperor Snowflake and his delusional cult is roughly that of dogshit I scrape off my shoe. And it should also be clear that, while in the past I was an unrepentant ticket-splitter, I don't see any realistic way for the Republican party to rehabilitate itself sufficiently in my remaining lifetime so that I could even consider voting for a Republican again in good (or even bad) conscience.

All that said, there is still no way I'd wear one of these t-shirts even as a joke. You'd rather be a Russian than a Democrat, eh? Well, it's not like it's any sort of surprise; these fucktards have been pushing the Dummycrats is traiterz line for years, long before Snowflake weaponized the angry-mowron base and pointed them in a direction.

These assholes really oughta be ashamed of themselves, but obviously they have neither the sense nor the inclination. And the next one of these dipshits that pulls the give 'im a chance nonsense can fuck all the way off. Really? The guy you voted for and worship trolled the last guy with lies and conspiracy theories for five fucking years!

The fucking balls on these people. Look, assholes, we're giving him the exact same chance as he gave the last guy. You like apples? Well, go ahead and stick that particular apple up your ass until it comes out your mouth.

I listened to these dopes bleat for years about Obummer this and Hitlery that. I'm not having any of this support muh Preznit meathead horseshit. Especially for the two elderly traitors with their "rather be Russian" t-shirts, looking more than anything like they just got hitched at some backwoods shotgun chapel (although they both look about ten months pregnant, so it's difficult to say who knocked up whom).

But credit where it's due -- at least they finally came clean and admitted, out in the great wide open, that it really is cult over party over country. They hate their fellow Americans more than a hostile nation that is actively and openly trying to sow chaos and discord in our political system. It might be something if the mediot both-siders, who never ever shut the fuck up about how one side has to "reach out" to the other side, internalized this cold hard fact, and changed their approach accordingly.

Afterthought:  maybe the funniest thing about the give 'im a chance crowd is that there were plenty of ways Snowflake could have courted moderates, if not orthodox liberals. Easily. Just being a few ticks less of a gaping asshole 24-7-365 would have won at least some of the doubters over. Just telling fewer outright LIES, especially about things no one was concerned with in the first place, might have set off fewer alarms. Just acting a little bit less like a toxic, spoiled toddler who loses it when mommy tells him he can't have ice cream for breakfast might have assured people that he might be wrong about everything, but at least (in the PJ O'Rourke coinage) wrong within normal parameters.

Not me. I've hated that cocksucker since the 1980's. I honestly don't know what it would take to change my mind about that. The track record is simply too long and too consistent. Still, it's technically within the realm of the possible. But it would have taken multiple concrete measures, not time-share jabber and real-estate seminar bafflegab, and he's simply incapable of anything but those things. But I can easily see where he could made a few very modest efforts and brought average non-political junkies around. Obviously the point is that he didn't even try.

And the fact that none of it matters to the cultists tells us more about them than about him, sadly.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Hate Rally Arena Capacity Update

Something called "Olentangy Orange" High School in Lewis Center, Ohio, with "roughly 3,000 people....with more in an overflow room" attending, according to Business Insider. Sad!

During the dismal proceedings, Emperor Snowflake whined about how hot it was in the high-school gym. That's just your flop-sweat, old man. Hope it don't make the spray tan run!

Ohio's 12th was John Kasich's district for nearly twenty years, from 1983-2001. (The district was redrawn in 2011, because politicians pick their voters now, instead of the other way around.) Snowflake won the district by eleven points in 2016. They've had a Republican representative for almost every electoral cycle for the last hundred years.

This time around, he couldn't even bring himself to talk shit out in the open about Lebron James, after trashing him on Twitter less than twenty-four hours ago. What a fucking pussy. They're running scared now, and they know it. All Lebron has to do is tape a thirty-second blurb for Danny O'Connor, reminding everyone that Snowflake's "schools," unlike Lebron's, ended up having to pay out a $25 million judgment for ripping off working-class suckas.

Wait until next weekend's white power rally in DC, when he steps on his mini-cheeto yet again in "responding" to that. "Alpha male" my ass -- he doesn't even have the guts to call out people who are proud of being fucking nazis. Grampa Walnuts only knows how to talk to his brain-dead sycophants, not to people who actually pay attention and aren't branded by his dipshit cult.

Kudos to Business Insider for not only posting, but leading off with the (shit)head count. That's how it should be done.

Reality Teevee-ocracy

This is some pretty solid smackdown. I have nothing to add, except that the "boredom curve" is inversely proportional to the amount of attention paid. People who can binge-watch Bachelorette seasons without losing their lunch or giving themselves a trans-orbital lobotomy probably loooovvve this bullshit; the rest of us, not so much. I never cared much for Candid Camera back in the day, either -- funny for about three minutes, then it's like, I get it, what else ya got?

I said some fifteen years ago that "reality" teevee is for people who can't handle porn or Faces of Death. If anything, I think I may have understated the case a bit. If religion is the opiate of the masses, reality teevee is the fentanyl-laced heroin.

And it really isn't the outrage so much anymore, as the article in the link notes -- it's the sheer tedium of it all. Again, how much Senile Grandpa Smears Shit On The Walls can you watch?

A Bottomless Well of Fuck 'em

Elections have consequences, part 512,783:

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The 16-year-old American daughter of a U.S. Marine held back tears as long as she could Friday before her family was split in two.

Her mother, Alejandra Juarez, was finally leaving for Mexico, rather than be sent off in handcuffs, after exhausting all options to stop her deportation.


Temo didn't figure his vote for [Fuckface Von Clownstick] would affect them personally. That was before the enforcement of [Clownstick's] "zero tolerance" policy toward illegal immigration.

Now, the Juarez family will be divided in two: Estela will join her mother in Mexico after she gets settled, while Temo cares for Pamela and pays the bills.


A reporter asked what she would say to the president. Alejandra said she'd ask how [Clownstick]could let this happen, since he "always says he loves the military and he's doing everything for the military."

"My husband fought for this country three times. The administration, yourself, you think you are punishing me. You're not just punishing me," she said, referring to her family. "I hope this make him happy. And I really pray that God will forgive him."
Lady, maybe you oughta have a talk with your fucking husband. These people are just too fucking much. He's doing exactly what he said he'd do, what he promised to do. When they say "Promises Made, Promises Kept," this is what they're talking about, and they're absolutely goddamned right.

Temo Juarez voted willingly for a man who kicked off his campaign by picking on immigrants, particularly Mexicans, portraying them in the worst possible light. Apparently Juarez assumed that Clownstick didn't mean Juarez or anyone he cared about, as if Clownstick was ever going to make any sort of distinction between brown people who aren't supposed to be here.

Welp, Juarez now gets to spend the rest of his life thinking about his own role in all this. Maybe he can explain his principled vote for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party to his daughters. You got all the time in the world for that now, chief.

There's not as many of them as there are of the Cletus safaris, but these dopey stories are no less baffling. I have no idea what to make of it, nor what we're all supposed to do with it. This is the political equivalent of deliberately pulling a vending machine over on yourself, and then whining that you have a broken leg.

The Mob Drools

desiccated shibboleths slouching
shoulder to shoulder, ass to belly
pasted on a face from yesterday

pinched and bitter
better days past forever
indifferent to what they're being used for

whatever it takes to pwn imaginary enemies
moar winning plz boss

nothing matters, nothing is true
no use for facts or context
only for pulse and rage and rhythm and
animal urge
the buildup to the purge
that they dream darkly

when the lights are out and the music's over
anger-jizz pooling on the arena floor
until tomorrow
when fresh outrage comes calling
and needs a face to sell the next lie

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Hate Rally Arena Capacity Update

Instead of complaining about the corporate media's lack of reportage on crowd size at these stupid things, I'm just going to do it myself. You'd be surprised how many arenas are listed in Wikipedia, with plenty of detailed info. Much more useful than reporting on what he lied about this time. I'll spare you the suspense:  every word was a fucking lie. Bokay? Emperor Snowflake is nothing if not consistent.

What's more interesting is that the crowds are getting smaller and smaller, little by little. Only diehard cultists go to these things anymore, and there's no point in even talking to them, much less reaching out to them. They cannot be converted, and they are not representative of the average person who voted for this asshole. They are entirely in their own world.

So. Tonight's tardfest took place at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA, concert capacity of 10,000. Now we just need some shots affirming the empty seats. Do your job, fake news media!

Boycott Spotify

It's not exactly a news flash that Alex Jones is a piece of shit. Currently he's seeking $100k in court costs from the parents of Noah Pozner, one of the young children murdered in the Sandy Hook hoax massacre.

So, you see, it might be understating things a bit to refer to Jones merely as a piece of shit. He's far worse than that, but it's difficult to quickly come up with a word that encompasses just how huge a fucking turd Jones really is.

Jones lost a bunch of advertisers from his YouTube channel earlier this year, but apparently Spotify still carries his lie-peddling podcast. This is still 'murka, and we all still have a right to free speech.

But we all may want to consider where we want to draw a line. A person certainly has a "right" to write and post (for example, certainly not an endorsement) slash-fic type crap that involves children or extreme violence or torture or pick-your-own-most-awful-thing, without being imprisoned for that speech, so long as they don't act on it or overtly incite other to act on it.

That right does not extend to compelling advertisers to support the medium by which such shit gets carried. And the same holds for Jones; he certainly has every right to record his lies and subhuman filth, verbal diarrhea that inflicts ongoing pain to parents of slaughtered first-graders. But he has not right to expect companies to disseminate that shit for him, much less for him to get paid for it.

So my daughter and I both have premium Spotify accounts, and they are now cancelled, and I've told them why. Maybe if enough people do the same, they'll step up.

Jones is fucking scum. I hope his ex-wife takes every penny, and he never sees his kids again, and that they know why, and Jones ends up selling oranges and handjobs (not necessarily in that order) at the nearest freeway off-ramp.

It's time to stop fucking around with these people, all of them. Spotify is a relatively neutral actor in a huge ecosystem that has far worse critters slithering through. Boycott them all the same. Boycott anything and everything with the name Fox on it, not just the propaganda channel. The fucking Simpsons cast and the football announcing crew are getting paid in agitprop scrip. So fuck them. I don't know about you, but I've had it with all of them. I want my country back.

Anything with Mark Burnett's name on it too. Reality teevee has ruined this fucking country, made it stupid beyond belief, and susceptible to this traitorous clown. That's bad enough; it should be intolerable that Burnett is also a friend to this bastard. Burnett and his wife can talk about Jebus and family all they want, but their deeds support the most ungodly (in every sense of the word) person to hold high office. They should be ashamed of themselves, but their money insulates them from consequences.

These people need to be made destitute. It's the only thing they understand.

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Dipshit?

The Vichy Times does its weekly weakly chore and dumps another insufferable "be kind to assholes and racists" word log. Do your duty 'murka, flush twice!

I don't want to bother with yet another ass-spelunking of yet another completely useless article. (Except perhaps to briefly note for the record that no one is ever going to write or publish an article ministering to racists and morons to reach out to godless heathen sybarites. Funny how that works.)

I bring it up only by of comparison to another type of "journalistic" effort that seems primed to supplant the Cletus safari variants. This type is being spearheaded by CNN's Jim Acosta, who seems to think his plaints about incivility have any practical use.

No doubt Acosta sees himself as doing the Lord's work in his chosen vocation. But frankly, it's tough to see what function Acosta actually serves. At all.

Think about it:  the guy goes to these stupid fucking carny conventions, where he is penned like a farm animal with other would-be journos, for these clown-cult gastropods to waddle by and spit and scream at and give the finger to. Acosta then transcribes the proceedings, from the clown's lies to the cultists' mindless adoration of those lies. Then Acosta hangs out for a while afterward and talks to the marching morons, shoots a few selfies with them.

And when he's not at the cult rallies, Acosta goes to the "press conferences," which are neither of those words, where he and the rest of the farm animals go through the dreadful routine of asking "questions" of Baghdad Barb, only to have that wonk-eyed cow sneer and lie to them. Some job.

Maybe Acosta has a terminal case of Stockholm syndrome. Whatever. But the fact is that no one forces him and his colleagues to attend these wretched affairs, and nothing useful is ever gleaned from any of them.

Someone should tell Jim Acosta and the rest of them that there is literally no point to what they do. They do not inform the public, because we already know that the fuckers they stenograph do nothing but lie and treat everyone with contempt. They do not protect the republic, because these fuckers don't give a shit about "norms" or "rules" or even the republic itself. They shit on your reportage, hoss.

There's a metric fuckton of stories that could be generated on these animals; arrogance, belligerence, and ignorance are a potent combination. What do you think the odds are that there's enough crap out there, solid stories that would be interesting and informative and maybe even make a real difference, for every herd journo that cowers in the press room just of habit, like battered spouses, waiting with bated breath to transcribe one more lie, one more outburst, for a populace that gave up caring a long time ago.

If Acosta is looking for sympathy for his travails, he should go make donuts or inseminate turkeys, either of which would be more useful than what's been doing. If he's looking for respect, maybe he should start doing respectable work. Because this is bullshit.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Carnival of (Ass) Souls

There's never any point in bothering with the now bi-weekly hate rallies Hair Fucktard needs to soothe his fragile ego, but the Tampa Bay Times has a wondrous collection of photos from the rally earlier tonight. Fewer than ten thousand addled rubes (in the middle of the nation's third-most populous state, mind you; Florida estimated just under 21 million people as of a year ago) bothered to waddle into the State Fairgrounds in Tampa to listen to the kajillionth sing-along to Knockin' On Fuckhead's Door.

There's only so many times you can sing the same song, dance the same dance, scream the same primal lizard-brain scream. Unless you're a complete vegetable. Then it never gets old; every day is like a new day, with the slate of previous days magically wiped clean.

Bathtub moonshine will do that to you, folks. That's just science.

I dunno, look through the photos and decide for yourself. Most of these people look barely tethered to reality. Either they're beswagged closet-cases secretly wishing to suckle the imperial mini-cheeto, or they're ambitiously down-scale polo-shirted moob wranglers who haven't seen their own mini-cheetos in some time.

Our librul media fail us -- and themselves -- when they give these dopey events the usual soft-focus "objective" treatment. Because it's all completely decontextualized. You generally have to do some digging just to get a sense of the attendance and the capacity of the venue, when those numbers should be available pretty easily, especially to local media, who can talk to the fire marshal.

So it ends up looking like a large, passionate crowd, which it surely is. But these sort are not the average Clownstick supporter that you work with or know personally. These are hardcore cultists, and they behave as such. There is no variation to their hive-mind schtick, state to county to holler to shithole opioid town. These are the political equivalent of Juggalos, there as much for the "event" and for the "fuck you libs" frisson, that magical pwnage they enjoy while they're hunting for another job or watching a grandparent die from the awesome health-care system His Travesty replaced Obummerscare with.

But look back through those photos and be honest. You wouldn't hire any of these gastropods to move river rocks across your driveway, much less employ them for any sort of skilled labor. Maybe a few of the faggier cosplay maroons show just enough initiative and creativity to make you momentarily believe that they can guide their finger out of their nose just long enough to eat a funnel cake and whack off to a cardboard cutout of their idol. But the rest of them would get lost in a phone booth (remember those?).

Anyway, the media. I'm sure Jim Acosta thinks he means well, and I'll bet real money he thinks his "work" has some sort of positive impact on the political landscape. But I'd politely (I know, right?) suggest that maybe Acosta and his cohorts might have that positive impact if they, I dunno, tried to impart a sense of balance to their coverage. For example, how do Hillary Clinton voters -- the majority of voters, let's recall -- feel about their vote? We'll probably never know, since our intrepid mediots never seem to get their lazy asses out the haunted diners of Bumfuck, Arkansas, to find out, to bring a balanced perspective. They'd rather show up to the rallies and the press conferences, where literally every word is a fucking LIE, and dutifully transcribe the nonsense.

Acosta's the worst about this -- after standing in the rally pen getting abuse hurled at him from the gaping assholes in thrall to their oompa-loompa wampeter, he'll stick around and try to talk to him and take selfies with them. They fucking hate you, pal. Stop kidding yourself. Not one of them will change their mind -- about you or him. But whatever you do, don't go out and talk to someone who doesn't support this lying turd and his team of traitors. I mean, why break your golden streak of faithful stenography?

It's probably wishful thinking in the end, but for now this human centipede of an administration does seem to be circling the drain. But it's in spite of, rather than because of, the efforts and expertise of the media in general.

There are definitely exceptions -- Natasha Bertrand and David Fahrenthold continue to do fine work, and there are certainly others. But the corporate networks have pretty much given up doing anything useful, and even the New York Times has set new lows in culpability and uselessness, largely thanks to Maga Haberman's lazy access journamalism, which undermines and befouls the entire operation with its complicity.

That's not to say that the Times hasn't had its moments. Remember less than two weeks ago, when the Times' David Sanger and Matthew Rosenberg dropped this little nugget?

WASHINGTON — Two weeks before his inauguration, [Fuckface Von Clownstick] was shown highly classified intelligence indicating that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had personally ordered complex cyberattacks to sway the 2016 American election.

The evidence included texts and emails from Russian military officers and information gleaned from a top-secret source close to Mr. Putin, who had described to the C.I.A. how the Kremlin decided to execute its campaign of hacking and disinformation.

Mr. [Clownstick] sounded grudgingly convinced, according to several people who attended the intelligence briefing. But ever since, Mr. [Clownstick] has tried to cloud the very clear findings that he received on Jan. 6, 2017, which his own intelligence leaders have unanimously endorsed.

The shifting narrative underscores the degree to which Mr. [Clownstick] regularly picks and chooses intelligence to suit his political purposes. That has never been more clear than this week.

It would be understandable if you didn't recall that article, even though it appeared on July 18th, right after the Helsinki debacle, where Shit-for-Brains exposed his toadying to Putin for the entire world. Amazingly and inexcusably, the article received no follow-up coverage (at least that I saw) on any major network or newspaper.

For the first couple days, it made a bit of sense to suppose that since the article relied on information obtained from what would have had to have been a classified intel source, that maybe other news orgs figured they would have to vet it past the usual three-letter agencies before running with it. But no one even tried. The story caused a big stink the night it dropped, and hasn't been seen since. It should be huge, because it proves he knew, and has lied verbally and in writing literally hundreds of times.

No wonder the cultists feel confident. Their propaganda outlets are disciplined and on point, and couldn't possibly care any fucking less about whether their "reportage" is encumbered with facts or accuracy or such like. No one has the balls to call them for what they are, and report on them as such. We've sunk to the point where clowns are given footing as legitimate interlocutors, with their dopey tee-shirts and ball caps and branded tard-swag. If we don't show up and send them back where they belong in 98 days, we deserve exactly what we get.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Someone in the librul media needs to step forward and explain for the class why they persist in having that soulless turd Ghouliani on their supposedly informational shows. It's further proof that the shows, and the people on them, are really just talking to each other, rather than trying to impart useful information to the home audience.

Forget the fundamental truth that a decent society would have tarred and feathered this cocksucker and walked him into the ocean a long time ago. He's a lying scumbag and an unrepentant pigfucker. Whatever his dogsbody role for this cancerous anal fissure of an administration, no competent media presence should allow a piece of shit like Ghouliani to defile their studio.

It's a mindless, hopelessly cynical exercise:  you know he's lying, we know he's lying, and you know that we know that he's lying, and so on. So there's really no point in having people like Ghouliani or Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer on. Unless our point is really just to try to sell you cheeseburgers and tampons, while you're sitting there complaining about the perfidy of it all. The perfidy is the point. It's something to keep you riled up for your daily outrage pellet in the Skinner box of your life, and it's a friendly reminder of how powerless you really are.

It's too bad they don't teach basic concepts such as "responsibility" and "shame" at j-school.

In other news, the Vichy Times continues its role as useless handmaidens to these monsters. Fuck every last person involved in this shit. They might as well be working for him. Boycott them all.

Look What You Made Me Do

One of the great things about everyone having a video camera in their back pocket, and a willingness to whip it out (giggity) at a moment's notice, is that the scum of the earth no longer have that plausible he-said-she-said deniability their parents and grandparents relied on when caught doing or saying something awful. They are exposed for what they are.

Obviously, sometimes social media hive-mind gets carried away and transforms relative molehills into Kanchenjunga. And sometimes they're spot on.

Maybe I'm old-school, as the kids say with their dank memes, but I come from a time and place when most white people knew better than to follow a black guy home for the express purpose of sitting in his driveway and calling him the n-word over and over. Frankly, Charles Lovett deserves a goddamned medal for not walking over and yanking Jeff Whitman out of his work van, and knocking everyone of his fucking teeth down his throat.

Unless one is irretrievably insufferable in their absolute wokeness, most of us can agree that sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment that they regret, whether immediately afterward or when they've had time to cool down and/or sober up. But that's the standard line between an average fool and a true racist -- the fool is smart enough to make sure everyone understands that they are truly apologetic.

Notice that nowhere in the linked article does Jeff Whitman flat-out say that he's sorry, that he wishes he hadn't done what he did. The closest he can muster is to characterize it as an "awful mistake" and that he doesn't quite know how it happened. That's because he's not sorry about it at all -- he's simply sorry that it got caught on video and distributed on the internets. Which, you know, maybe Whitman should have known is a thing.

There's no reason to believe Whitman's self-serving bullshit about his mother and daughter being threatened. All racists are by definition liars, especially to themselves, but also anyone dumb enough to stay within auditory range of their bullshit. Anonymous broad-based "fuck your family, asshole" tweets do not count as actual threats.

As for Whitman losing his livelihood? Good. Actions have consequences, asshole. Look, even if you set aside the racism for a second (bear with me), you can't go around acting like an asshole in a company vehicle, and expect people not to notice.

I'm a bit of a road-rager at times myself, but a lot better than I used to be when I was younger and dumber. It's infuriating when people endanger you by yanking in front of you, swerving into your lane, tailgating, etc. You want to be able to tell assholes that they are assholes sometimes. So occasionally the magic finger flies.

But that's in my car, and even then extremely rarely; the last time that happened was four or five years ago. I drive a work vehicle between towns and sites at least once or twice a week, so I encounter morons on the road all the time. And as tempting as it might be to let them know what I really think, I let it go. Why? Because it might get back to my boss, and I could get suspended or fired.

And here we're just talking about the impulsive, split-second jab of the ol' freeway finger, not following someone to their home and yelling racial slurs at them for three minutes.

So fuck Jeff Whitman. Nowhere in his mewling plaints about how "despondent" he is over the "intensity" of everyone's "hate" for him is any actual contrition. Again, he's just sorry he got caught. He could do any number of things, starting with reaching out to Charles Lovett and making some actual gesture of sincere regret (since, you know, Whitman knows where Lovett lives).

But he doesn't, and won't, do anything at all. Because he's not really sorry. I would bet money he's an unrepentant Clownstick supporter; he thought that part of the package was going to be able to put those people back in their place, remind them that they're not really as equal as the last guy made them think they were.

We never do find out what exactly was the nature of the driving offense (though it may be in the initial coverage of the story), but you can bet that had Charles Lovett been white, Jeff Whitman would not have followed him home and hollered racial epithets at him. He probably wouldn't have even followed him home. (I mean, you hope he wouldn't have followed him home.) At worst, he might have flipped Lovett off and went on about his way, and forgotten about the whole thing ten minutes later.

And he wouldn't have to wonder why people are boycotting him out of business.