Wednesday, March 28, 2012


You think there's ever a point where fucktards like this realize how much they actually undermine their own "arguments" with their sheer stupidity? I mean, the disingenuous denials of racism are bad enough, but that aside, what the fuck is this coinage "re-nig" supposed to be derived from? Is it a lame play on renege in which case it makes no sense at all, or could remotely be construed to mean the opposite of what this window-licking fool thinks it means?

I've said it before, and I'll say it yet again -- if the South ever tries to secede again, this time let's do the right thing and let them already. I'm goddamned tired of my blue-state tax dollars going down a drain to support cousin-fucking losers whose idea of clever involves coy plays on the N word.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pain In The Gas

I realize that it's the Kenyan Moooslim's fault, since he refuses to initiate hostilities and bomb oil-futures speculators, that gas prices are the way they are. There is something hinky about the fact that Americans, in the aggregate, are actually driving less, yet the price increases apace.

And I'm sure I said something to the same effect last time prices were this high, but as long as there are Excursions, Suburbans, Expeditions, Tahoes, Denalis, jacked-up F250 King Cabs, and all other number of giant, boxy suburbatard short buses trolling around with one, maybe two people inside (which seems to be roughly 99% of the time in my experience, and frankly, I have never seen one that appeared to actually be at carrying capacity, not even once), I suggest that gas is not priced high enough.

Does it suck to spend 60 bucks to fill up a mid-size family sedan? Hell yeah it does. But how often, if at all, in any conversation about oil prices and the geopolitics thereof, does the notion of conservation, of perhaps driving even a little bit smaller and smarter, even come up? In that instance, in the psychological divination underpinning the dark arts of economics, one assumes that the true price-point equilibrium has not yet been reached.

Or it could just be that the den of thieves that comprises our financial system, and the refs who provide prefabricated commentary on all this, have a vested interest in keeping our ongoing electoral industry ritual "close", whilst one wing of The Party implodes in a spasm of collective insanity.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Dumb All Over

Has anyone else, over the last couple weeks, been having to remind themselves what year it is, that the notion of any debate over contraception seems as inconceivable (cue Inigo Montoya) at this point as any basic civil rights issue from the past six or seven decades? Seriously, a couple months ago most people would have rightly assumed that there was no argument to be had over birth control pills, and yet our Crusaders o' Infinite Regression went and found one.

Thank the Flyin' Spaghetti Monster that Fatboy Limbaugh just could not resist waddling into this, pendulous belly sloshing heedlessly against, you know, a pretty easy majority of the population. Limpballs' hasty apology/retraction indicates that he and his sponsors found out real quick what the pinkwashers at Komen found out last month -- women put up with a lot as it is, but when you start fucking with their ability to manage their own lives, you're just asking for it.

Maybe Darrell Issa could convene another claque of middle-aged men to dictate to the little ladies what's best for them, hilarity would be guaranteed to ensue.

But hey, while they're giving Limpballs et al what for, perhaps the boycotters might also consider going after the bigger institutions that persist in this medieval nonsense. I do not understand how or why a woman who disagrees with this guff could in good conscience continue to vote Republican, or stay Catholic. You want it to stop, take the money out of it, that is really the only way.

But more practically, this cafeteria philosophy only tends to empower the mossbacks in the long run, if said cafeterios won't actually take a stand on any of it. One question is why institutions continue with unconscionably outmoded doctrine, but an equally legitimate question is why members of those institutions who have individually passed them by continue to stay and put up with it.

It's like watching Tina Turner keep on trying to convince herself she can bring Ike around. But that never did happen, did it? So Republican and Catholic women can continue to contribute to organizations that, on a very fundamental level, treat them with contempt and disdain, or they can tell them once and for all to get bent already, that they ain't puttin' up with that shit anymore.

That is not an endorsement per se, tacit or otherwise, of another political party or religious denomination. Indeed, people (not just women in particular, but people in general) may find that extricating themselves from all of that -- from power structures who, in the age of instant contact and social agglomeration, are as outdated as their medieval positions -- could be an actual liberating movement.