Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's been a couple weeks since this nugget dropped, but it is still hilarious. Apparently CNN has a different understanding of "political" than the rest of the English-speaking world. Asking Snooki Palin anything about anything is less likely to elicit sensible answers than shaking a Magic 8-Ball, but especially a political question.

I'm not entirely convinced Bristol Palin can even put her fingers together in the dark, so the idea of her even knowing about anything enough to care about it enough to run for office and do something about it is incomprehensible. Maybe if The Situation were her campaign manager it would make more sense.

On the one hand, it's hard to imagine someone who was unqualified even to be on a reality teevee show to have the ability or inclination to run for any office whatsoever; on the other hand, the brain surgeons in Arizona just installed Ben Quayle as their US rep, apparently for no other reason besides being the smartass offspring of a notoriously ridiculous (even for a veep) person. Anything is indeed possible here in Jebus' Chosen Land. There are just enough morons to keep literally anyone at least slightly viable.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Shovel

So I suppose the game ended up the way I bet on it -- not that I bet more than a token amount, but I did take the Packers and the points. They tried to give the game back in the second half, but fortunately, Rapelessburger and the rest of them didn't quite take it back. Still, Dick LeBeau deserves some extra-special mention -- the guy runs what is clearly the most vicious, constantly innovative defense in the league. He's a Hall of Famer as a player and a coach, and is not only deserving of both, but is sorely underrated at both.

But sweet Jebus, what is the deal with the Black Guy Pees? It's like an entire nation somehow mutually decided not to hurt someone's feelings. I don't recall voting on this shit, do you? This group (I hesitate to call them a "band", since that would imply that they play and write actual music) of morons sucks so bad, the light from suck takes several years to reach them.

The use of lit crowd formations, to their credit, did evoke impressive formations from North Korean military drills, as did the incessant use of AutoTune to marginally disguise their utter lack of actual vocal talent. I suppose there must be some number of idiots out there who actually use their hard-earned money to purchase Black Guy Pees Music, since they got invited to the big show, but shit, are these people fucking deaf or what?

Anyhoo, the local kid won, that's all I cared about, to the extent I cared at all. But I think most people would rather see yet another washed-up rock band than this warmed-over halftime horseshit.

Parisienne Walkways

Hats off to one of the true greats of rock guitar. Gary Moore was a beast, like Hendrix in that he was untouchable when he chose to flip the burners on. But Moore also had that Jeff Beck-like knack with impeccable tone and taste, knowing the right note to hit and how. I recall being influenced heavily at the start by some of the stuff he did on Corridors of Power, Victims of the Future, and Run For Cover, figures which are now stock metal runs, but which were pretty innovative for the time.

Even the earlier jerkoff stuff resonated with solid tone and passion, which is what it's all about. Anybody who doesn't admit that Gary Moore was one of the most underrated guitarists of all time is just flat-out lying. So while I'm certainly sad that he's gone, there are worse ways to go than on vacation in Spain. Here's to the hope that we all go in such circumstances, preferably in the saddle. RIP, brother.


Not sure why, with only 200 attendees, Miss Thang's latest bullshit venture into Ventura merits mention, But I guess it fits with the Lucy-with-the-football motif the lamestream media have going for them. With every little fart she poots across the mediasphere, they scramble to cover it uncritically, and she shits on them either way. Sounds like the original recipe for a Wasilla Steamer.

On the other hand, although my dad fucking loathed Reagan, primarily because of his union betrayals en route to political self-actualization (but later relented due to Reagan's Alzheimer-induced fall from grace and ultimate death), I can safely say that, having spent the day chopping firewood and barbecuing steaks for Super Bowl Sunday, I hewed closer to Reagan's ideal on his sainted centennial than did Mme. Palin.

Let's face it, friends 'n' neighbors -- whatever the tiresome jabber offered by Palin and her fuckwitted ilk, the fact is that Reagan, like Nixon, would have to run as a Democrat these sad little days. The sooner people remember that important tidbit, the sooner we might be rid of the tedious guff constantly lobbed by this shit-for-brains snowbilly.