Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Shovel

So I suppose the game ended up the way I bet on it -- not that I bet more than a token amount, but I did take the Packers and the points. They tried to give the game back in the second half, but fortunately, Rapelessburger and the rest of them didn't quite take it back. Still, Dick LeBeau deserves some extra-special mention -- the guy runs what is clearly the most vicious, constantly innovative defense in the league. He's a Hall of Famer as a player and a coach, and is not only deserving of both, but is sorely underrated at both.

But sweet Jebus, what is the deal with the Black Guy Pees? It's like an entire nation somehow mutually decided not to hurt someone's feelings. I don't recall voting on this shit, do you? This group (I hesitate to call them a "band", since that would imply that they play and write actual music) of morons sucks so bad, the light from suck takes several years to reach them.

The use of lit crowd formations, to their credit, did evoke impressive formations from North Korean military drills, as did the incessant use of AutoTune to marginally disguise their utter lack of actual vocal talent. I suppose there must be some number of idiots out there who actually use their hard-earned money to purchase Black Guy Pees Music, since they got invited to the big show, but shit, are these people fucking deaf or what?

Anyhoo, the local kid won, that's all I cared about, to the extent I cared at all. But I think most people would rather see yet another washed-up rock band than this warmed-over halftime horseshit.


Tehanu said...

Mercifully I am so hard of hearing that all music on TV sounds like meaningless noise to me, so I turned on the mute and read a book till the game came back on. The occasional glance at the screen told me I was missing, uh... nothing. Glad somebody agrees with me.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's the white girl of the Peas' posse that wets herself onstage. Unfortunately, she refrained from doing so Sunday. I'll never forgive Slash for (A) thinking that being a part of their act was even possibly a good idea; and (B) despite being sober enough Sunday morning to get to the stadium, actually went through with it. Shameful.

Bob Hopeless said...

Yeah, I saw a lot of commentary on how they "didn't give a good performance" and had "technical problems". If they gave a good performance and there were no technical flaws, they still would have sucked big time. This is the first time I ever saw them and could stand it for only about 40 seconds. Honestly. How the fuck do people listen to this shit? They looked like a parody of what pop music at it's worst would be - completely inane and worthless.