Wednesday, March 30, 2005

People Power

So the Kyrgyz government has been toppled by a bloodless popular coup. This has been cautiously billed as good news, though at first blush it smacks a bit of mob rule. Ousted leader Askar Akayev has been billed as a rather benign, if corrupt, despot. After all, this is Central Asia.

But after the initial ass-trumpet of "people power" triumphant and Freedom™ continuing his inexorable march, you could almost hear the thud of rational conclusion -- what if the Kyrgyzianites want us out, decide they are better off without American base and troop presence? What brilliant chess move would Dear Leader concoct then, with his far-seeing eye?

Fortunately, we still have our other great and noble democratic Central Asian allies Uzbekistan, whose leader Islam Karimov boils political dissidents alive, and Turkmenistan, whose leader Supamurat Niyazov has renamed all the months of the calendar after himself.

Yes, that feeling between your toes is Sweet Lady Liberty®, blowing you and me!


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