Sunday, September 27, 2009

He's a Loser, Baby

Super fun series about all-world twisted fuck Glenn Beck. Just affirms your faith in 'murkins all over again. No surprise that Beck is the sort of creep who taunted his former close friend on the air about the friend's wife having a miscarriage; no surprise that Beck is a borderline personality who traded coping mechanisms from coke and pot to magic underwear. It makes sense that this animal has a fan club of weirdos, and it certainly makes sense that the morning zoo assholes of the '90s devolved into the wingnut radio assholes that pollute the airwaves of this benighted decade. It even makes sense that Beck would have a #1 bestseller by plagiarizing a classic title, poaching a misused sentiment to spoon-feed his nonsense to a bunch of retards who have neither the guts nor brains to actually read Thomas Paine.

A piece of shit like Beck himself would say that talk radio would have been better off had Beck given into his suicidal impulses of the early '90s, but that misses the point. There's never any shortage of narcissistic sociopaths waiting for their chance to scuttle out of the woodwork to inflict their neuroses on reactionary morons, just as there's always another maggot on a corpse. I mean, he's a rotten soul, and I wish nothing but the worst for him, but even if he retired tomorrow there'd just be another one, because scumbags like Beck reflect the issues of their audiences, who function only by projecting their own failures at thinking and comprehending onto whichever interchangeable radio rage monkey is handy.

Beck is to political commentary what Kanye West is to music, which is to say that his very presence and popularity are as much symptoms of a diseased and dying system as they are factors in its problems. They give their fans what they want, and if that's all they want, then they deserve every bit of it.


Firestarter5 said...

I could say something about Becks mother committing suicide...but I won't.

Joe Blow said...

I heard that Glen Beck molested and killed a young boy back in the 90s.

He has not denied that he did this, so, although there really is no evidence that he did it, many many people believe that he might have.

We are waiting for Beck to deny that he raped and killed several boys between 1992 and 1197, using hamsters as the murder weapon.

Lemmiwinks lives!