Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hamsters on a Wheel

Let's cut the proverbial shiznit, a'ight? The "downturn" does not affect everyone, only almost everyone. But not anyone who matters. Have you checked the Dow lately?

The rentiers and grifters and credit default swap scumbags who lawn-darted the economy in the first place are making just as much money as they ever were. And fuckin' A if they don't practically seethe with pure contempt at the peons who dare question their deeds, their judgment, the consequences of their noble actions.

They get all bent about how hard they slave for what they earn, as if 70-hour weeks in an air-conditioned skyscraper with a supply of The Macallan and Ketel One and on-demand blowjobs from the secretary is such a tough ride compared to some unlucky schmuck who has to work three menial, stultifying jobs just to make rent. It does not seem to even occur to them how fucking galling that is to people who are not quite lucky or clever enough to have mastered the black art of corporate bookmaking, and therefore must actually work for a living.

The, ahem, "philanthrocapitalism" is all well and good, but perhaps doing things that actually have impact on this nation's most persistent economic affliction -- its banana republic level of income disparity -- might alleviate the resentment that troubles them so. Failing that, they could always make good on their threats to go Galt on us. Really, I just don't know how the rest of us would manage without being forced to bankroll their collateralized debt obligations.

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Bob Hopeless said...

Yeah, the Galt thing. However would we get along? Not only are the MOTU's convinced of their essential place in our worlds; fourth-string wingnut pundits like Glenn Reynolds and his wife -university professors (public employees) at third tier colleges- threaten to withdraw the fruits of their labors from us. The horror! Like no one would step into that void in a flash.

Another thing I keep pondering - if the back of the lower 98% of American earners is broken, who generates the money that these scumbags then jerk off with until it is lost and they go begging for another handout? Can they really just keep trading the same amount of dollars back and forth ad infinitum? Because it looks like they want to bust everybody that could still hold a job down to about 25% of their former earnings.

Sorry for the incoherence. I just don't understand.