Sunday, September 04, 2011

In Other News

I have a couple of projects that I've been working on, that I may decide to do some self-publishing through Amazon's DIY Kindle program. So I have a few questions for all of you (okay, both of you) out there. Have any of you had experience with that program? If so, what was the outcome? Are there any issues with setup, publishing, etc. that I should consider going in?

Mind you, I am not looking at this as some life-changing career move, and no, I am not feverishly cranking out some basement rendition of the Twilight/Game of Thrones canon. But I do have some ideas that I think some might find useful and/or entertaining, and wouldn't mind pulling a modest supplemental income from, if possible.

Anyway, if you've tried the Kindle program, or something similar, and have some observations to share, please add in comments below, or email the Gmail. Thanks.


One of the Two said...

Sorry, I have no such experience. I just want to wish you the best in whatever your literary endeavors. I hope you'll keep trying in as many of those directions as it takes.

I read over a dozen blogs daily; yours has the very best writing, surpassing (except in volume) even Sam Smith at Progressive Review (and regularly outstripping driftglass's steadily-more-redundant rants....)

In style, content and original ideas you're the best, buddy. I hope you find the readership and influence you deserve.

Here's also hoping you'll keep reserving a little gas for Hammer of the Blogs. There are actually more than two of us who are starved for nutritive content and know it when they see it. I hope find your way to all of us.

Heywood J. said...

Thanks, I definitely appreciate the high praise. As campaign season starts gearing up, I should have more (and hopefully more varied) commentary here.

I try not to get caught in the inevitable "'murkins is stoopid/Palin sux" rut, but it does get more and more difficult. I think moving forward with these other projects will help cultivate some fresh ideas for the blog. Thanks again.

theotherone said...

I, too, have no such experience, but echo the sentiment that you keep on keeping on with this blog. It's one of the few that's concise and on point.

Marius said...

Well, it looks like there's three of us. And, if you count Tehanu and Woodguy (where are you guys lurking these days?), you have at least five readers, H. Which is one or two more than I have, as a professional academic churning out papers nobody wants to read.

Sorry to be devoid of advice on self-publishing, but I think you may find useful tips on Barry Eisler's blog. He has a 3-part discussion of how to do that, and I think the guys knows what he's talking about -- he's been doing it with some success. Good luck, and let us know if it translates into concrete product. We'll want to buy it, both for the content and to support good writing.

mom said...

I have a Kindle....and I think your blog is one of the most brilliant writings I read. I checked daily and have pains on seeing Audust 6, headlines each day.

So, I have a Kindle and sucking in all the "stuff" you blog.

Next question?

Heywood J. said...

Thanks for the link, Marius. I grabbed one of Eisler's spy novels at a used book sale a few months back, have not gotten around to reading it yet (the to-read stack is embarrassingly large, even though I knock out a book every ten days or so, I am easily distracted by new and irregular additions to that stack).

I will check out his blog -- and his book, sooner rather than later. Thanks again.