Sunday, December 11, 2011


A valiant attempt on the part of the NY Times to rehabilitate Gingrich's, um, character. Megalulz:

Mr. Gingrich has repeatedly said that he is not perfect and that there are episodes he regrets. “There are periods of my life I’ve had to seek forgiveness and reconcile with God for,” he said last month in an interview in New Hampshire. “But if you look at who I am today, I think I can withstand scrutiny as well as anyone else in the field.”

His candor seems to be working even with social conservatives, who seem more interested in choosing a hard-edged opponent to face President Obama. Recent polls of Iowa voters showed Mr. Gingrich with the largest share of support from Christian evangelicals.

Look, not to rehash yet again the long-dead Clinton impeachment saga, but it's relevant here. Count me among the folks who were repulsed and annoyed at the idea of the president not only getting his cock sucked by an intern while discussing Balkan troop deployments, but by his own admission ejaculating into a fucking bathroom sink. Because blowing a wad in this girl's mouth would have been wrong, you know? I don't expect pols to lead perfectly moral lives, but really, the whole thing was weird as all hell, in addition to being completely inappropriate. (Yeah, I'm a little square about bosses banging subordinates as a general principle, sorry.)

And just as a practical matter, you don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know that that sort of thing will completely derail your term in office, and that by nature of your immensely powerful position, there's a good chance that your good-time girl will get so excited, she'll have to tell somebody. So it's also an unforgivably irresponsible squandering of political capital. No doubt Clinton assumed that the usual gentleman's agreement was in place; shoulda known better that he wasn't dealing with gentlemen.

Aaaaanyhoo, despite the above-listed, far-too-often-discussed reasons to be pissed at Clinton for his exploits, I reserve far more contempt for someone who persecutes a man for such picayune things as if they were high crimes, while he himself is enjoying the exact same services. And, setting aside hoary sentiments about hypocrisy being the tribute vice pays to virtue, it's particularly puzzling that a claque of doofuses who reflexively leap their high horses to lecture us godless heathens on their regard for high moral character, can align themselves with this slug.

And that's not even getting into the other various episodes of hypocrisy (taking $1.8 million from the much-maligned Freddie Mac) and revolting stances (such as using poor children as school janitors). Not that he has a chance to actually take the nomination; Newt is just the final "anyone but Romney" pig at the dance before the goobers buckle in and settle for either the real thing or Huntsman, who is apparently going all out to try to capture the NH primary and build momentum from there.

Jesus, the man is just awful, and the people supporting him are just as pathetic. Nice of them to demonstrate so convincingly for us that their sanctiomonious nonsense was just that after all. (As if their jumping from serial harasser Herman Cain to serial adulterer Newt Gingrich wasn't enough of a clue.) Turns out we really did know what they were all along, we were just haggling over the price.


Anonymous said...

Who else was in the room when the "discussion of Balkan troop deployments" took place? A secret mole known as "big-mouth Monica"? Did it amount to a life and death security breach?
Count me among those who are annoyed at those who are annoyed at the private sexual activities of consenting adults. Or is the president not allowed privacy?

vonKreedon said...

I think there's an excellent chance that Newt will be the Repub nominee, and I couldn't be happier at the prospect. What I'm really really hoping is that Paul wins in Iowa with Newt second and Mitt a distant third. Oh the hilarity as the Repubs snatch defeat from the jaws of near certain victory and the sound of heads exploding like champagne corks is heard as the Tea Partiers realize that they'll have four more years of Obama.

M. said...

Holy shit, has America really fallen or what. Behold it contemplate the prospect of choosing between a gutless Nobel Peace Prize laureate who's deployed drones to kill people illegally in six countries but won't do jack shit for us non-millionaires; a robotic sociopath who thinks we're all clamoring for more corporate dick up our sore asses; an indefatigable crook who keeps bumbling from scam to scam; a doddering loon who yearns after the year 1904; a White Taliban who can't stop sniffing panties; a vacant-stared zombie who shouldn't have gone off her meds; a sub-retarded halfwit from a state known for its knuckle-dragging; and another robot who believes in magic underwear.

What country is this, again? Upper Volta with missiles?

Brian M said...

Hey! When doing an apocalyptic rant, we need to get our factoids right! Upper Volta is now officially known as "Burkina Fasso" (the Land of Upright People"

Just sayin. LOL.

M. said...

Thanks, Brian. I was referring to an old saying,from back in the days when both Upper Volta and the Soviet Union were political entities.

Brian M said...

Cool, M.

Not meaning to be pedantic. I just love the name and the meaning of Burkina Fasso. It's one of those amazing country names,especially when one reads about the violence and skulldoggery associated with the short history of the Land of Upright Men.

M. said...

Your point was well taken, Brian. I really didn't mean to imply you were pedantic. Plus, I am chronically pedantic myself, so I know where a brother comes from.