Friday, August 10, 2012

The Life of Ryan

So apparently noted tax-shelter enthusiast Rmoney is going to decide to eschew the vaunted swing-state wisdom, and bypass Portman and Rubio for conservatard hero Paul Ryan. Well, good luck with that, podna.

It's not as if Mittington had any good options anyway -- Rubio is not terribly well-known out of his state; Portman and Pawlenty aren't all that well-known in their states; Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, and Susana Martinez, while possessing the requisite conservaquals, each have CVs roughly the thickness of La Palin's, and the Kochs and Adelsonsparty faithful don't want to relive that again.

So it makes sense, on the surface anyway, that Rmoney would fall for teabagger boner fuel like Ryan. The thing is, as Matt Taibbi (and anyone else actually paying attention to these dimbulbs) correctly sussed a couple years ago, while your average teabagger talks a great game about cutting spending and reducing government, blah blah blah, a great many of them were rather obvious recipients of that eeevil gubmint aid themselves. They're hypocrites -- they just don't like gubmint money that isn't thrown at them, pure and simple. How many of those Rascal-riding geezers down at the (tax-funded) public park didja see burning their Medicare or Social Security cards in protest? Yep, me neither.

So Ryan's past stances on those things -- especially considering Rmoney's average voter is going to be roughly in your Murder, She Wrote / Matlock demographic -- may come to haunt him and his new friend.

And if not, if the oldsters have a Maalox moment and decide to vote for the guy that'll have them eating cat food before they know it? Hey, what can you say? Bon appetit.

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