Sunday, July 08, 2018

Heckle and Boycott

It's always good news when soulless cocksucker and borderline traitor Bitch McConnell is run out of a restaurant. But I look forward to the day when useless enablers like Jeremy Peters face the same treatment.

I don't give a flaming fuck if Doucheowitz' friends never speak to him again; they should have gotten the memo on the kind of human being he was after he defended Claus Von Bulow and O.J. Simpson. An elderly, doddering snake is still a snake, as one can tell just by looking at the Orange White House these days (to point at yet another person undeserving of any public defense, whom Doucheowitz nevertheless still needs to plant his sanctimonious lawyer flag on).

But this Peters asshole, and bullshit journos like him -- they're the real fucking problem. As Scott Lemieux points out in the LGM link, there is building evidence that one of the finance co-chairs of the RNC funneled a bribe from Fuckface Von Clownstick his own fat self to a Playmate that he had knocked up and paid her off to get an abortion -- after he got into office.

Shera Bechard just went into court a few days ago to file suit against convicted felon (and again, one of the RNC finance co-chairs, along with serial work rapist Steve Wynn and fake lawyer Michael Cohen) Elliott Broidy and, for some weird reason, Michael Avenatti. Broidy stopped making the $200k installment payments to Bechard for her silence, instigating the lawsuit for breach of agreement. Obviously, this has much huger implications.

But Jeremy Peters is intent on putting on his Librul Tone Police hat, and answering a question literally no one was asking:  how's that deathless skin flute Alan Doucheowitz doing, after being uninvited from the Martha's Vineyard shindigs?

Keep up the good work, asshole. Maybe there'll be an opening at Fixed Noise for you.

The smarmy, pointless meme of "this is how he got elected" always aims at libruls whose tone gets a bit uppity. But you wanna know how he really got elected? Shit journos wasting everyone's time on shit stories. Alan Doucheowitz is fucking turd who should have retired long ago, but he has a book to pimp so he's climbing up everyone's ass because no one wants to listen to his self-serving, disingenuous bullshit anymore. And numbskulls like Peters are right there to play stenographer, every goddamned time.


Harry Hamid said...

Poor Alan. I certainly hope the major media keep us up to date on how he's feeling.

Brian M said...

Of course, the other reason IT was elected is racist, old rich fucks invented the Electoral College. :)

BackyardCluck said...