Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Mighty Wind, It's Blowing You And Me

Jeebus H. Tapdancing Kee-rist. It just gets stupider. Tonight's NBC "News" led off with the solemn making of goo-goo eyes between Brian Williams and Potatohead Russert, over the preznit's calamitous 37% poll ratings.

Father Tim drove me clean over the edge with his somber intonation that this poll leads him to believe that something may, just may, mind you, be "in the wind". Lemme get this straight -- the polls have been mostly in the mid-high 30's since Katrina, since last September, and this fucking overpaid medicine ball with a combover suddenly gets a heads-up in his Spidey sense?

I mean, he's just fucking with us now, isn't he? I guess someone needs to get paid to give handjobs to the Republicans and play grab-ass with Norah O'Donnell, but does he have be so brazen about it?

The MSM had best face up to their systemic malaise, before it proves fatal to them -- they are part of the problem. They have seriously convinced themselves that people will think what Timmeh and friends tell them to think. They're just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic at this point, if this is supposed to pass for serious analysis.

The only other rational possibility is that they really are part of a long-standing corporate disinformation policy to favor "establishment" pols and mores. I hate to sound like the local SDS rep, but hell, they're not even bothering to bury their shit anymore when they take a dump in the nightly news sandbox.

I'd say something faux-revolutionary like Russert being the first up against the wall when the time comes, but that fat useless fuck would just knock the wall over.


phinky said...

Sounds like this administration needs another war to boost the f-wit's approval ratings.

Steve J. said...

I hate to sound like the local SDS rep

You don't sound like that at all. As someone else has put it, this really is a scandal-plagued Administration with REAL scandals but the MSM is shy about hunting down Republicans.

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