Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tool Review

As I alluded the other day, I had downloaded what was supposed to be the entire Tool album scheduled for release on May 2. (Don't worry, I also have the real deal pre-ordered from Amazon. I'm not ripping anyone off.) I thought it might be fun and different to write a review over the weekend, before the actual album even gets officially released.

The review is pretty much written, but the problem is that there are quite a few "decoy" tracks out there, supposedly released by the band themselves to, um, throw off the bootleggers and pirates. Can't say as I blame them, and I actually find it pretty funny. Anyway, I already have three completely different versions of some songs, with no real way to discern which of them (if any) will actually be on the album.

So I'm postponing the review until I get my official copy from Amazon. For an idea of what sort of confusion this has caused among the faithful, check this out. I don't want to get caught up in any of that bullshit; I don't have time for it. I just wanted to review some music I like from a band I like. So we'll leave it till next weekend.

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