Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cheap Shot Of The Week

Separated at birth:

Abramoff money-laundering sidekick Amy Ridenour

Animated sitcom protagonist Peter Griffin

You be the judge.

[Ridenour photo swiped from Roger Ailes.]


Anonymous said...

So I take it the cheap shot is at Peter? It's really unfair to him to compare him with that awful woman. He may be bumbling and clueless, but he's funny and generally honest. A cheapt shot, indeed, Heywood. I thought you were a fan of 'Family Guy.' ;-)


Heywood J. said...

Yeah, you know what made me think of Family Guy was a recent rerun, where Lois gains a lot of weight, and Peter -- obviously a gelatinous sack of goo himself -- gives her a hard time about it, starting with her "elbow cleavage".

The first thing I noticed about that picture of Ridenhour -- besides that "bet you can't tell I cut my own hair" haircut -- was the elbow cleavage. If you could see under the table (shudder) you'd see cankles from hell.