Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Thousand Words

The post is actually speculating as to whether America's Snack Queen is (ulp!) knocked up yet again with some mystery lowbrow demon seed, but the photo itself is mightay-mightay:

Wow. Just wow. And this is on a shopping trip in LA. Does she own a mirror? I just got back from the recycler and dressed up more than that, seriously. I'm from hick stock and live in a hick town, and I can't conceive of even hanging out in my own house like that. Maybe if I'm massively hungover and it's a rainy day in December, maybe then I pull out the Bedazzler and some old sweatpants and get biz-zay for an afternoon. Sheesh. Extra points if she does turn out to be bearing bubba fruit, by the way, since she's smoking with her free hand. Because picking your pajama-clad, K-Fed-ruined ass in a doorway doesn't quite put the "k" in "klassy".

Amazing how fast she went from this.... just another Bakersfield chickenhead.


thedevilzone said...

bearing bubba fruit

El. Oh. El.

(You linked to yerself again. One more time, and I'm gonna start calling you Heywood McCain!)

Anonymous said...

She was never good looking. Always has that cheap teenager face - it betrayed her true self.

Heywood J. said...

One more time, and I'm gonna start calling you Heywood McCain!

See, now that's just uncalled for. Unless I'm getting the early-onset variety, which would probably be karma-related.

thedevilzone said...

You're right, I apologize. At least you don't start off every post with "My friends..."

Dr. Know said...

My Friends,
Like kittens, pop-tarts are all cute when young. Yet they soon develop, revealing their true inner shrews.

BTW, who the hell is that beastly aberration? Looks too much like many of the denizens of Podunk, GA.

r@d@r said...

okay, somebody has to say it, and beavis & butthead were unavailable for comment:

i'd hit it.

[aside from the fact that she is a human being, not an "it", with thoughts and feelings, and no actual hitting would be involved, and i'd like buy her dinner and some flowers first, and take no for an answer.]

and that's because i, too, am from trailer trash stock, and when i look at her, it's like another incest-ridden family picnic.