Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wrinkled Beef Curtain

I assume I am in the majority when I say I had no clue that a niche market of elderly Japanese men fantasize about boning their daughters-in-law.

Director Gaichi Kono says the eroticism of elders is captivating to younger viewers. "I think that, as a subject, there is this something that only an older generation has and the young people do not possess. It is because they lived that much more. We should respect them and learn from them," says Kono passionately.

But [adult video actor Shigeo] Tokuda stresses the appeal of his work to an audience of his peers: "Elderly people don't identify with school dramas," he says. "It's easier for them to relate to older-men-and-daughters-in-law series, so they tend to watch adult videos with older people in them." The veteran porn star plans to keep working until he's 80 — or older, as long as the industry will cast him. Given the bullish market for his work, he's unlikely to go without work.

"People of my age generally have shame, so they are very hesitant to show their private parts," Tokuda says. "But I am proud of myself doing something they cannot." Still, he says, laughing, "That doesn't mean that I can tell them about my old-age pensioner job."

Dude, this is so many kinds of wrong, and at the very least a completely unpredictable take on the MILF trend (this would be the GGILF trend I guess). I suppose whatever puts lead in your pencil is okey-doke, so long as it doesn't scare the horses, but I have to wonder about a young person who gets off watching elderly people have sex, and even if the market is actually older folks (which makes more sense), why do they want to bang their sons' wives?

I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to fundamental cultural differences, but while I've always found Japanese people and culture fascinating, they do have their share of rather unsettling trends, mostly it seems in game shows, cartoons, and porn. Weird, wild stuff.

Of course, as Ron at Center Face points out, we 'murkins are certainly no slouches when it comes to whoring out our daughters. I'm not exactly a Mennonite, but the day I see my daughter wearing something like that -- no matter what age she is -- I'm kicking her ass, then I'm kicking the ass of the person who sold it to her. True dat. Ten bucks says that outfit says "Juicy" or "Sassy" or some such across the ass.

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Great writing, you deserve a wider audience, Amigo. Hope it happens.