Saturday, June 13, 2009

No Remorse

Not that I get the chance to watch Letterman much these days, but if he does apologize to this babbling dingbat, I'll be sure to never tune in again. He shouldn't have bothered responding as much as he has already. This is bullshit. Fuck her and the horse she rode in on. Sarah Palin spent the last six weeks of last year's campaign, traipsing around the country and lying through her teeth about her opponent. This is a person whose every word and gesture is anchored in sheer chutzpah.

Palin can whine all she wants about the "double standard" of Obama's ten- and eight-year-old daughters being off limits, but I think we all know how much that would have been out the window if a black candidate's 17-year-old daughter had gotten knocked up by some unemployed would-be rapper, the urban cliché version of Levi Johnston. The world is full of loudmouth punks going nowhere in life, in all colors and cultures. There are double standards all over the place, and she knows as well as everyone else.

Nobody owes her an explanation or an apology for anything. Had Palin handled herself with even a modicum of grace and sensibility during the campaign, people would have let her go and written her off. But her entire schtick revolves around stoking the most regressive, willfully ignorant base of yahooism this sad behemoth nation has to offer (more on them shortly).

Letterman's jokes were tacky, as many or most late-night monologues tend to be. Palin is reaping what she continues to sow. She is welcome -- indeed, encouraged -- to head out of the kitchen if it's getting too hot in there. But when you whip up the hypocritical "personal responsibility" and "fambly valyews" creeps, even while your two oldest kids are doing exactly the things you complain about the most, maybe it's time to do a little self-inventory, instead of constantly getting all butt-hurt over how mean everybody else is. They're pretty good at dishing it out; taking it, not so much.

[Update: Jesus H. Christ, these people are bunch of whiny loser douchebags. I would say that they should be fired, but apparently they don't have jobs. Love the talk-show asshole who's all bent because Letterman has "benefited" from this nonsense. Right, pal, like you haven't, not to mention Palin herself. Do these people ever have a moment of lucidity or self-awareness?]


Joe Blow said...

heh heh....

did you see the apology?

"tasteless? yes, they were tasteless. they were purile lame attempts to beg for cheap laughs.... what I've been doing for 30 years..."

"Palin needed more makeup for her slutty stewardess look..." . . "well, that one... I kind of liked that one..."


Heywood J. said...

I didn't see the apology, and I'm annoyed that he bothered with anything beyond "get bent" or "grow a hide", or ending it with "and the horse you rode in on". They don't even deserve that much, since they don't even know what they think they're pissed about.