Saturday, October 31, 2009

Winamp Shuffle -- Halloween Edition

[I had the draft for this saved and my CPU fan went out, so here it is, a little late and a little back-dated.]

So the missus and I were going to do the Jon and Kate thing for Halloween, but then realized that there were better investments than a Dennis the Menace wig and Ed Hardy pajamas, such as a nice bottle of Ketel One. And we're having amazing weather out here in Gullyvornia right now, so it's hard to get in the mood to be all skeert and such like. But here's a few tunes that'll peel some folks back. Sorry, no Monster Mash here -- we want good and grim and creepy; not tongue-in-cheek, but not gratuitously stupid, so no Cannibal Corpse either.

Heir Apparent -- Opeth
MK Ultra -- Muse
Head Crusher -- Megadeth
Sign of Fear -- Primal Fear
I Don't Live Today -- Hendrix
False Start -- O.S.I.
Pet -- A Perfect Circle
Welcome Home -- Coheed and Cambria
Blackest Eyes -- Porcupine Tree
Fracture -- King Crimson
Diary of a Madman -- Ozzy


Anonymous said...

Any woman that would affect that I'm-a-pissed-off-lesbian hairstyle that Kate wears has more balls than I do. Apologies to all lesbians.

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