Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Alive

I've probably mentioned this before, but I had sort of an assumption that finishing up grad school would somehow grant me more leisure time. And at least initially, I felt like I had my nights and weekends "back".

But it didn't take long at all to realize that not only was there not going to suddenly be this abundance of screw-off time, but that I didn't even want there to be. I'll watch the teevee, but I can't just sit and watch; I have to either have a book or a guitar or the laptop going as well. And the late nights continue apace, as the projects grow and expand far beyond their initial parameters.

The past six months or so have also seen me ingesting huge amounts of music, a little bit of everything -- thrash/power/prog metal, some pop, and even some classical (torrented all 104 Haydn symphonies, and while I'm familiar with the last 20 or so, it's been interesting getting acquainted with the earlier ones a few at time). After turning 40 a few years back, I was initially perplexed that my musical tastes seemed to be getting heavier in general, but as my daughter starts figuring out what she likes, I quit wondering about it and just going for whatever's there.

And there's a lot, and a lot of really cool stuff, in quite a few genres (more in an upcoming post). Anyone who whines about how today's music sucks just needs to turn the radio off, leave it off, and go on walkabout in the internets. There's tons of places to find great music that will never get on the radio. I hear people complain about radio pap, and I don't know what to tell them. There is no excuse for being stuck with mainstream crap, unless you're a 15-year-old mallrat and just don't know any better.

Some of these projects I'm working on will be put on the internets at some point, hopefully to turn at least a modest buck, but at least to get some decent chops at building a real thing, not just the creation of a product but building the requisite 21st-century marketing presence around it. Naturally, I will keep you all apprised as things develop. Right now we're balls-deep in a pure content-building phase, probably into March or April.

In the meantime, the blog, such as it is these days, tends to suffer quantitatively, and I suppose I'm becoming more okay with that. Seven years has kind of snuck up on me in some ways. Obviously the first five years were fairly prolific, and once school cut into that, I found myself missing the catharsis of these little 'sodes less and less.

Actually, the writing is still a great deal of fun, it is the subjects that are less so. How many ways can you call Mitt Romney an empty suit, Obama a feckless dupe who has betrayed his putative constituency and abdicated what at least plausibly appeared to be his deeper convictons? How many times can the industries underpinning our economic systems be portrayed as the money-grubbing rackets they most certainly are, and still sound relatively fresh? How many different ways are there to point out what a useless toad, what self-aggrandizing, leg-humping sack of shit Newt Gingrich really is, not to mention the hypocritical dipshits he represents?

And on and on. The names change here and there, but the bullshit remains mostly the same. They keep lying, too many of us keep buying. So it goes.

But politics and power are the things that capture my interest, and I suppose we'll have some things to mull and discuss this fine campaign season. So for now I certainly plan to keep the Hammer banging at least through the end of this year, while I continue working on the projects, get the products finalized and formatted and ready to roll, and get a website (possibly two or even three) up and running.

Like I said, I still enjoy writing, and while the hit counter doesn't trsvel fast here and there aren't many comments, I do strongly feel -- and there are practically infinite corroborating examples anywhere you look -- that the folks that do check in here are thoughtful and reasoned in the commentary they share. I'd much rather have five or six literate, intelligent comments than the six million lumps of monkey shit you see in, say, just about any YouTube comment section for starters, not to mention any given corporate media site, who really should be able to attract a better class of riff-raff.

It is a weird phenomenon that I'm still digesting much of the time, this compulsion to be constantly working on something. I've always liked to work, to learn, to keep busy, but we're talking about staying up to 3:00 or 4:00 AM three or four nights a week working on a project, or reading about ideas to make the project just a little bit better. And then going to work at 7:30. If I didn't enjoy it so much, I'd be burnt by now.

So thanks for checking in, thanks for still reading, please continue to do so (and leave some comments!), and we'll try to get the posts at least a little more regular, see how this year shakes out.

Only one thing is certain -- Newt will still suck. Just a beastly little man, on so many levels. In a truly civilized country, this is someone who would have been tarred and feathered already, not treated like a serious person.


Tehanu said...

Glad to read this; I always perk up when I see you've posted something. And you encourage me in my vague but earnest ambition to become an entrepreneur in the tar/feathers/torches/tumbrels biz.

M. said...

We appreciate the backhanded compliment, kind sir, and the news that you ain't givin' up. Too many people are already giving up too soon in this country. Not you, though.

Bu I gotta say, I'm younger than you by a few years, and yet I couldn't stay up till 3 in the morning without being a complete zombie at work the next day. Don't know how you do it.

Anonymous said...

I'm just one of the "silent majority" (minority?) that observes in silence. We're out here. Keep up the good work.

woodguy said...

The fact that I admire your clarity of thought and eloquence is no secret to you, but when you surprise me with a series of posts in rapid succession after a few weeks' hiatus, I am struck anew by your insight and uncanny ability to strike just the right note. In short, DAMN, man, you can write.

If you are ever in the Pacific Norhwest I'd be honored to buy you a Boundary Bay IPA. For a few bucks and couple hours of impolite conversation, the world's problems could be solved.

May you have a prosperous (and prolific) New Year.