Friday, January 27, 2012

Strange Brew

There is apparently no small amount of hoo-ha over Arizona "governor" Jan Brewer's finger-wagging guff in Obama's face, like he was the butler who dropped her favorite purse dog.

Let me suggest that, aside from the fact that teabagger politicians have long felt empowered to act like assholes to this president, to jam their finger in his face or heckle him at the State of the Union speech, there is no controversy, especially considering the source.

Jan Brewer is a clown, a schmuck, a puller of stunts, a shameless fabulist who squats out lies about her own father's history, who concocts lurid fables about deranged Meskins loppin' off heads in the Sonoran desert, leaving them for innocent Yuma children to stumble across on their way to Sunday school, no doubt. Anything and everything she says about any subject whatsoever should be viewed through the prism that she will say pretty much whatever is most expedient for her at the given moment.

Arizona has very deep-seated streak of stone yahooism in its politics, one that well predates our current conservatard lunacies. They've been barking at the moon since Evan Mecham was a pup. Brewer is exactly the sort of ass-grabbing fool Arizona wants -- and more importantly, deserves.

Maybe Brewer will use this as a stepping-stone to a run for Jon Kyl's Senate seat. One can only hope; with the demise of other clown-car devotees such as Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell, the GOP needs to upgrade its batshit quotient.

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