Sunday, November 11, 2012

Everybody Hurts

This is awesome. This is my favorite thing for the weekend so far (especially since the Raiders failed to show up yet again today). I could watch 20 minutes of this with nothing but a wah-wahhh muted trumpet noise every few seconds. Extra props to the glassy-eyed blonde dingbat at 1:27, "ROMNEY" written across her forehead. She looks like her cult just told her to start crushing pills in the applesauce, so they can catch the comet coming around the dark side of the moon, mind processing the command as pure gabble, but still not bridging the synaptic divide caused by weeks of barinwashing and protein-free porridge.

Seriously, you wonder about folks like that. Did she scrawl across her forehead bu herself, getting in front of a mirror to get the lettering just so, or does the poor thing actually know someone who's enough of a friend to do the writing for her, yet not enough of a friend to talk her out of it in the first place? (And yes, anyone who wrote "OBAMA", or "PELOSI", or "SPRINGSTEEN" across their forehead like that deserves an equal measure of ridicule. People who pretend to hold deeply-conceived political philosophies, and then dress up like they're going to a Florida State-LSU matchup need to get a damned grip.)

Anyway, so long as we're clear -- the core of the schadenfreude (or as TBogg is calling it, Mittenfreude, nicely done there) is not that these poor souls dared to disagree with "us", as if Obama voters were and are monolithic. It's that they failed to explain their discontent sufficiently, it's that both they and their candidates failed utterly to clarify their positions, what they'd change, what effects those changes would entail, how those changes might help the economy.

It's pretty simple, folks -- when plutocrats wreck the economy to their own advantage, and your party then has the balls to put one of 'em up as a nominee before the wreckage has even been cleared from the playing field, you need to explain yourself. And if you can't, it's your own damned fault.


Anonymous said...

All those pictures (and many more) were on the 'White People Mourning Romney' web site too, as still photos (did you notice that every fucking one of them were white and anglo?)

After a while, the shat-their-pantzen-freude begins to fade, and something wearying and visceral sets in: the realization of just how fucking many of them there are. And that most of them are not gonna change, that we still have a huge right-wing asshole surplus problem in this country that's gonna hang around all our necks for an extra-special long time, slowly or rapidly putrefying into fascism.

And here come the whole fucking media telling us that it goes without saying (except they won't stop saying it over and over) that we _must_ cut 'entitlements' (read social security and medicare), it's just so obvious, there's no other way (bullshit). There's clearly a mandate for austerity and more republican extortion....

Another weary, fearsome climb ahead. Oh lord.

Brian M said...

Only disagreement is that the PLUTOCRATS still won. Obama is one, too...or at least a willing and able servant of the class.

But you of course know that, so I am preaching to the choir here! (And no...I would never disagree with the proposition that RMoney is definitively worse.)

Still, one commenter nailed it: Choosing between Romney and Obama is like choosing between Sprite and Sierra Mist, not much difference, and both very bad for you.

Heywood J. said...

You guys are absolutely right -- getting Obama rather than Romney really only means that the circumstances are now possible to start addressing so many of these issues. Whereas clearly going in the other direction would have rendered such efforts completely impossible, again not just because of Romney and Ryan themselves, but because it would have tacitly validated (at least in their febrile minds) the torrent of right-wing chunder we've become accustomed to.

I do feel like a broken record saying this over and over again, but it's true all the same -- the central issue, the keystone around which many other issues spring forth from, is wealth inequality, pure and simple. Much as you can frequently trace the manifold woes of a football team (sacks, passing game, defense, etc.) to difficulties in generating a solid running game, so too does wealth inequality feed so many other quality-of-life issues for Americans, starting with lack of jobs.

So really, that's where one would start if one were serious about hitting some secondary or even tertiary issues.