Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Insanity Workout

Ed ably defenestrates yet another deserving moron, but to really appreciate the full measure of crazy, read the original post, and then, for an extra side order of crazy with extra crazy sauce and crazy bread, read the comments, as well as this profile, bearing in mind that this guy used to work for Ron Paul.

Of course, even the most Paultarded things I've seen since Gandalf the Cracker cast his weird isolationist spell over our nation's befuddled masses never quite approached this intellectual loogie:
Seccession of [sic; obviously he means "Secession or"] leave. I say we've got two to three years left before they start rounding up dissenters and sending us off to Nazi-style concentration camps. I've got a little more time, cause I live in Texas.

Arizona is a good place to be for now. But New York, Iowa, Michigan, Massachusetts, PA beware. You're vastly on the road to complete authoritarianism and statism. Grab your guns, protect what few things you have left. You're living in Nazi Germany circa 1933-34.

It goes on like that; Dondero later talks about "disowning" his brother and one of his sisters, "....the fucked up brother in Delaware, piece of shit, scumbag mother fucker who is a Democrat, and another sister in Philly who won't tell me, but I'm almost certain voted for Obama....They are dead to me now. And I will not under any circumstances attend their funerals in 30 or 40 years."

One can only assume that those hapless siblings are well relieved to be rid of this thing, instead of having to help change his poopy diaper every time an election doesn't go his way. Seriously, I think we can all recall the vicious, hyperbolic nature of the 2004 "election", culminating in election fraud normally observed by Jimmy Carter in, say, Guatemala.

Plenty of butthurt liberals were threatening to move to Canada (perhaps until they realized that it's harder than you think; there's more to it than packing a U-Haul and professing loyalty to William Shatner and Geddy Lee when you hit the border). Maybe a few got weird with their friends and family, exploiting rifts along pre-existing fault lines that all families have. Hell, maybe even a few of the more vituperative may have seriously prophesied that the Cheney regime would round them up and stick them in "Nazi-style concentration camps".

But I don't think any of those extreme butthurters were former staffers for a presidential primary candidate. Nor did they go into the extensive laundry list of "activist" ideas that Dondero claims, such as loudly berating EBT card users at the Wal-Mart check stand, just in case any are within earshot and are suitably shamed by his dissatisfaction.

One thing (and it's a good one, really) about today's techno-revolutionaries, crying "Wolverines!" from the banner of their Facebook pages, is that that's about the extent of it for 99% of them. They squawk and fume at the injustice of it all. In 2000 and 2004, when Bush/Cheney assumed office under clouds both times, and there were legitimate questions about the validity of the outcome, these assholes replied, with their usual smug, sneering contempt, "You lost. Get over it."

Since, despite their easily discredited burblings about voter fraud, and despite Rick Scott's best efforts, the Nazicommiesocialistislamickneegrow seems to have won fair and/or square, the only recourse for these bozos is to condemn their fellow Americans with the usual bundle of imaginary grievances. Dondero repeatedly refers to Obama as a "Nazi" in comments, failing to provide anything that could support that even polemically. The usual gripes about confiscatory taxes are in play, as if 3% on the marginal rate above $250K is going to put any millionaires out in the street (or, of course, that anyone worth any real amount of money is spending time watching Dondero smear his feces on an electronic wall).

And so forth. They always talk a good (if hopelessly repetitive) game, never backing any of it up with, you know, facts or evidence. You almost, in a strange way, hope that their fever dreams about Obama -- in any other industrialized nation a center-right politician at the very least -- come true, just so they finally have the once-in-a-lifetime (for them) distinction of knowing what it feels like to be right about anything.

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