Friday, February 01, 2013

Churchin' State

Congrats to the Obama administration for once again finding a way to punt on first down in order to placate the usual gabble of intellectually dishonest poltroons. Funny, the Vatican has also consistently decried the US' wars and military actions, yet Catholic tax dollars still go towards blowing up brown people. Also, too, maybe I missed it somewhere along the line, but I don't recall ever hearing about vasectomies being on the, erm, chopping block as far as mandatory coverage is concerned.

Look, when the church demonstrates half the sense of urgency moral dudgeon over its own institutionalized practice of protecting and enabling serial child rapists, as it does over controlling the reproductive rights of its female employees, then we can all be impressed. Till then, this catering to ancient obsessions over ladyparts needs to stop.


Sowleman said...

Only wish that you would stop pulling your punches. Tell us how you really feel!

Good stuff you do here. Keep it up.

Desargues said...

Back before the two East-European fascists, JP2 and B16, hijacked Vatican II and rolled it all the way back, there used to be a saying, among the Catholic prelates working out there in the hinterlands:

"When I gave bread to the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor have no bread, they called me a Communist."

Have you ever heard a prominent Catholic figure talk about poverty and hunger any time in the last 30 years?