Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Another Bloody Election

On the one hand, it's easy to agree (however reluctantly) with The Pantload that the electoral process should and could be more than self-affirmation for celebrity airheads. On the other, one can be quite certain that Pantload is just fine with the usual salt-of-the-earth maroons cutting their own throats once again, because the Kenyan Moooslim is letting illegals with Ebola sneak across the Meskin border in order to distract from Benghazi.

But it was funny watching a bunch of chickenshit DINOs run like hell from their own party, and still lose. I'll give the teahadis their due -- at least they know what they fucking stand for, and by jebus stand for it. I'm still amazed that working people are dumb enough to vote for it, but it's not like halfwits such as Mark Pryor gave them much of an alternative. So this is what they wanted, and it's what they will get. Although I live in a blood-red county of the People's Republic of Cali, at least I don't live in some flyover dump that really takes the hit from the policies they just voted for.

Reap the whirlwind, assholes. You deserve nothing less.

[Update 11/7/14 6:30 PST:  This is one of the better analyses of the whole sordid thing that's I've seen.]


Brian M said...

The E word is sounding better and better. But where? The Euro zone politics and economy is terrible? Canada has Harper. Australia has that imbecile. New Zealand already went through a ter party revolution a decade ago and seems to be constantly having HUGE earthquakes (and I am another Cali resident).

At least, looking more locally, the Basketball Player lost in his second attempted power grab.

Heywood J. said...

Maybe it's because I watch a lot of House Hunters International on the weekends, but as far as Europe goes, Croatia and Slovenia look pretty good. Costa del Sol (Marbella area) in Spain as well. Costa Rica is another good one. I've researched real estate online for all those areas, prices are comparable to normal (not Bay Area) California prices.

Agreed that Canada and ANZAC countries are no-go these days. Think peaceful, small, non-English-as-primary-language, but still many English speakers. Lots of American and British expats in the above-mentioned areas as well, along with tourism.

California is at least something of an island of sanity in all this mess, but we're more and more outnumbered. I'm pushing 50, and am tired of Waiting Until Next Time. I prefer to cash out, go somewhere less toxic, let morons choke on the consequences of their choices.