Thursday, November 13, 2014


Just wondering what it might be like if this country had, say, a governmental agency that provided regulation and oversight on an untrustworthy and reckless financial industry. Even better might be if there was another governmental department that ensured that when financiers were caught doing awful things -- such as rigging currency and interest rates, money laundering for drug cartels, all the other things these fuckers have been caught doing over and over again -- that these crimes which literally affect everyone's lives and wallets would be prosecuted aggressively and appropriately.

When the next financial crash comes -- and rest assured, it will -- I hope Eric Holder understands his direct role in all of it, that his indifference and unwillingness to drop the hammer on these sociopaths only emboldens them. And I also hope that when it comes, and these thieves try to make us all pay for their bullshit again, that instead they are treated to tumbrels and guillotines.


Brian M said...

Won;t happen (as you know). We have been trained to blame the minorities and gays and foreigners, not our Job Creators, for all of these problems.

Heywood J. said...

Yep, and it doesn't seem like enough people can be untrained from that.

Can't just say "wait till they die off," either -- the boomer bubble of old farts will be the largest yet, and that demo has made it clear that they're happy to fuck over the next three generations if that's what it takes.