Saturday, January 10, 2015

Idle Threats

This is just a random thought, but give it a spin and tell me if I'm off base here -- what if (and again, we're just spitballin' here), just as a security precaution, it was against the law to make threats of violence, whether verbal or written, against elected officials, especially the President of the United States. You could also give the president his own security detail, and they could check those threats out, especially when they're made on federal property.

Seriously. It's a goddamned shame sometimes that we don't live in the totalitarian tyranny these freeloading motherfuckers jabber about endlessly, because I would literally give my next paycheck to watch some jackbooted thug kick in these assholes' teeth. Maybe a drone bomb.

Or worse yet, just cut off whatever gubmint check they receive, because I promise you no one in their right mind would pay these douchebags to do anything requiring a marketable skill. And while we're at it, the hell with these Boss Hogg cracker sheriffs and the cracker pols giving them a platform. Last I checked, fomenting insurrection is a real traitorous offense.

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