Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trump L'Oeil

I guess if you purport to be a journal of political goings-on, sometimes you have to at least pretend to bite on the eternal snipe hunt of Donald Trump pretending to run for office. Those poor writers gotta make a buck just like the rest of us. (Do writers still make any money, aside from scribbling shitty slashfic for horny housewives?)

It matters not what some cocksucker who already sold his soul to the Koch brothers, before supposedly being leased by Trump, has to say about Trump's seriousness or viability. This is the exact same cock-tease that Sarah Palin uses, knowing that there's a firm-but-stupid base out there that believes, despite all evidence to the contrary, and Palin and Trump are all too willing to exploit the gullibility of that base.

But the issue is the same with Palin and Trump -- the thing about painting yourself as an alpha maverick in a jacked-up Excursion is that you paint yourself into a corner. They've consistently portrayed themselves as people who need no advice about any damned thing, so why would any self-respecting qualified person present themselves in an advisory capacity? There are only so many Condoleezza Rice types out there.

In the meantime, shame on the human skidmarks that watch Trump's played-out show and help keep him in the public eye. This is all your fault, you assholes.

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