Thursday, March 05, 2015


It's not that Ben Carson is a "bad" or "evil" person, it's just that he's a jabbering maroon, a complete idiot. He might have a track record as a good or even great neurosurgeon, but he's clearly not even familiar with the basics of behavioral psychology, not mention basic common sense regarding homosexuality in prison.

Which, as it happens, seems to be a subject that many conservatives seem to think is just hilarious, especially the forced or coerced version of that "choice".

Carson at least possesses the ability to understand that he just looks more and more like an asshole on this particular subject, which is nothing more than a bizarre obsession 'mongst self-styled social conservatives. Blaming the 'mos for the decline and fall of the sainted 'murkin fambly, you see, is much simpler than, say, blaming the fact that the median wage is about what it was two generations ago, or that productivity in the US has doubled over the last 15-20 years, and every last penny of profit derived from those gains has gone straight to the owner class.

The "traditional" family is on the decline, partly because most of us have grown up about accepting other versions of the classic model, and partly because they've just been nickel-and-dimed and wage-slaved into penury, divorce, suicide, abuse. You can't support a family and buy a house on a fucking entry-level, minimum-wage slave job, which is about all that's left unless you're connected or lucky.

These people are as stupid about basic math as they are about, well, human beings in general. It would be something to see just one of them address an issue that actually affected anyone's life or well-being, instead of pandering to the usual claque of obsessive closet cases.

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