Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dick Dynasty

If I'm going to bother to pray, it's going to be for Phil Robertson to kindly go fuck himself, and take his retarded "show" and his bullshit fantasies with him. Your fifteen minutes are up, and you're still a braying shitbird, "dude." I might actually order a Duck Dynasty t-shirt just to make a YouTube video of me taking a big creamy dump on it, and wiping my ass with it. These American ISIS types can go straight to hell already.

Of course, I could easily deconstruct everything Robertson actually said at this so-called prayer breakfast, and point out fact-by-fact how he has a bizarre and ridiculous misunderstanding of what atheists actually believe (and don't believe). I could point out that his weirdly detailed torture/murder fantasy of his imaginary atheist family says a lot about Robertson's fevered brain, just as much it utterly denies how a real Christian would characterize their savior's message of love and tolerance.

But it would be a waste of time to do that. Robertson is a turd who inexplicably got rich and famous for doing very little, and has chosen to use his platform to push a cultlike mentality of what constitutes morality and belief. This pig-fucking dipshit can't disappear soon enough.

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Brian M said...

You go, Heywood!

A Quickstarter campaign might be enough to acquire a multiple of tee shirts which you can "use' in mutliple ways!

One disagreement: Despite after the fact attempts to clean him up, if Jesus existed he was probably closer to the raving park preacher "listen to me or BURN IN HELL, sinners" than the Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild. The core of Christianity is wicked...I agree with Hitchens on this topuc (A celestial North Korea). Jesus really ramped up the fire and brimstone-the Jews were not all that big on eternal life or punishment.