Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Dumbest Thing Ever Said Aloud, Until Sarah Palin Opens Her Cakehole Again

Anthrax, ham radio, and liquor. -- Clutch, 50,000 Unstoppable Watts

Christ on a cracker, this broad just never seems to miss a good opportunity to shut the hell up. Especially on a subject she knows exactly jack shit about.

I just don’t see the benefits of [net neutrality] at all, lemme know if you know of the benefits of government taking control of the Internet. Gimme your feedback on this, because I must be missin’ something.

Yes dear, you are missin' something. You are missin' everything. Again. Always. You consistently fail to observe every possible chance to get one goddamned thing right, like ever.

In the fantasy dictatorship you live under, the eeeevil fascist overlords want to enact this "net neutrality" thang in order to disenfranchise the gullible rubes who seriously pony up ten bucks a month to watch you mosey your way through life, and beg you to run for preznit, though you never will, because actual work is involved.

And by the way, sweet cheeks, the gubmint created the internets. True story, I shit thee not. You can check it out on....well, the internets themselves. Which is what they'd want you to believe, I suppose. But then we have a recursive cycle of empty skepticism and unnecessary disbelief.

If you can think of a better summation of what constitutes Sarah Palin's public utterances, the sum and substance of her empty jabber and verbal oatmeal, then I encourage you to post it in comments.

Bonus: Remember that yahoo who had the scrawled "Fuc_ You Michael Moore" placard, because we have to excise profanity and promote civil discourse and all? Yeah, that asshole. He's going to be Sarah's son-in-law. Good on ya, Chief, we'll see you in the National Enquirer in about fifteen months.

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