Thursday, March 05, 2015

Handicapping the Horse Race

What Steve said. It's bad enough that the primaries are nine months away, and the general election twenty months away, and the usual mediots are already weighing in with their empty picks. What's so much worse is the way media outlets in general tend to dismiss fringe Democratic candidates, while giving time to every knuckle-dragging shithead the Republicans churn up.

Matt Bai's smarmy line about Elizabeth Warren making Howard Dean look like Barry Goldwater perfectly encapsulates the problem with the political analysis that emanates from the sphincter of the corporate media. "Liberal" candidates who might pursue actual change, like Warren or Bernie Sanders, are summarily dismissed as political quacks. "Conservatives" who show up at the annual CPAC crapfest are duly graded and rated, however ineptly.

Scott Walker, who does not have a college degree, is being talked about as a serious contender for the most important job on the planet. (Outside of the finance and arms industries, anyway.) But according to the Serious Observers, despite Walker's refusal to address anything substantive, he still gets an "A" grade, apparently because he has the balls to confidently believe his own bullshit.

The difference between a country with a free press and a country with a state-owned puppet press is that the latter at least has a valid excuse for its craven behavior.

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